Yes and AMEN: Our Yeses Merging

Yes Man yes and amen

For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!”
And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes and Amen”) ascends to God for His glory.

2 Corinthians 1:20 NLT

Yes and Amen

Yes and Amen
This is one of the most exciting scriptures. It’s the union of my yes to God’s Yes for His purpose to bring forth His glory. And what this means is His Life. You see, our affirmative God, the Creator of the universe is an explosive YES. His yes is miraculously creative. He said YES to me when I was conceived. YES to my life as I lived. And YES to His life formed in me. And my only reasonable response is Yes and AMEN.

So here is the ease of the Christian life. ALL God’s promises have been fulfilled in the Life of His Son. They are all YES! And through Christ, my YES to His promises ascends to God for His glory. Do you see? Oh, this is amazing!

Examples of Yes and Amen

Examples of Yes and Amen
Christ comes and invites me to live in humility. My pride-life attempts to be humble. Result? Epic FAIL. Now here is the opposite approach. Christ comes and invites me to live in humility. I say YES to His Life, He performs His humility in my life, and I experience His humility. This is utterly amazing!

Christ comes and invites me to live in purity. My lustful life attempts to be pure. Result? Epic FAIL. But on the other hand, if I say YES to Him, and He lives His purity in me and through me. Yet another? Jesus invites me to be a pastor. I say YES to Him being a pastor in me, and am able to experience His shepherding through me. One last example. God asks me to leave a sick relationship, and I say YES. I know I can’t do it myself but He can. Christ then works to carry out His Will in that relationship.

The Cost of Yes not No

Again, does this mean I will not suffer loss or pain? Certainly not! Gethsemane agony is real. But what I am promised is His strength to perform. And here is the kicker: what Christ performs is eternal. So do you see why my YES is so crucial? My yes is the bringing of heaven to earth, and it relates to everything.

“The divine ‘yes’ has at last sounded in Him, for in Him is the ‘yes’ that affirms all the promises of God”
2 Corinthians 1:19-20 Moffatt

So on Thursday I proceed from here, I will go into the YES versus NO.

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    • pearl

      YES!! Jesus, live your life in me, through me today… I say YES!! I can’t!!

    • Pauline

      He makes it so simple, John . . . this is a real WOW!!!!!!! Thanks.

    • Nancy

      Such confirmation to what the Lord has been saying to me here…He gave me the same scripture this week about Yes from 2 Cor.1:20 for a life verse. Am learning to say the “Yes Sir” to all He requires of me.

    • sue

      OH John, I never considered that what I say “yes” to GOD is ‘eternal’. YES i see why my YES is so crucial.
      Thank you LORD GOD for the Shulamite team leading me if I will have ears to hear and eyes to see what
      you can do through my believing all you say.
      I see love dripping down….upon us!!!!!

    • Bruce Dickey

      AMEN John,
      The enemy so distracts and befuddles us from the simplicity of walking by faith, which is out from our relationship with Christ. Believe, listen, hear; then speak what you hear (this is faith!). We are called to agree with Him, but it is God Who accomplishes His work. Our YES, is all that the Holy Spirit requires too manifest the Father’s will on Earth.

    • Pauline

      Yes, John — Yes! What else could it be . . . HE is the Author and Finisher of our faith.
      Reading your examples reminded me of one that I heard Martha say a while ago on a tape or CD, to the effect: “I [you / me] cannot repent.” (That shocked me at the time . . . she has a way of doing that; makes you listen!) But, same as you were saying, only if I say “Yes,” will He come with His gift of repentance, otherwise, it’s useless. Someone let me know if this is not accurate — it was quite some time ago, but it was along the same line.
      Thank you, John, for showing how crucial our “yes” is. More often than I care to admit, it’s a “yes” to me and a “maybe” to Him — not verbally or even consciously; but it’s a matter of the heart and that’s what He sees. And, Bruce, I loved your post — yes, it is God Who accomplishes!
      Sue, the phrase you used, “believing all You say” really gripped me; you’re so right . . . if we don’t believe all, we might as well believe nothing. Thanks!
      Love you, John.

    • Molly

      Oh, wow! Yes! Yes! Yes!

      • ☺️?? And a big YES back at ya. Thank you Molly!

    • Arleen

      On earth as it is in heaven—-YES!

      • Yes, that is perfect! You got the whole point. Thank you Arleen and love you!

    • Judie Waters

      Love this John…absolute truth!

      • Thank you Judie! So grateful it ministered to you. Blessing you and thank you for commenting.

    • Wanda

      We have this Treasure in earthen vessels. Yes, Lord, use this vessel however You will. I am forever Yours.

      • LOVE you big Wanda! I agree and joy your prayer for myself too.

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