God knows me so completely and the Spirit communicates to me who I am.  The Lord says, “This is who you are, John.”  And if I say, “But God, there’s this hole. There is a hole in Your truth, because this other voice is telling me something contrary to what you say. And look at the evidence that supports it.  I choose to believe the facts that I see.”  This is exalting these beliefs above the knowledge of God, and they become wormholes in my soul.  The enemy can go up these wormholes and hit my heart.  This is where I am open, susceptible, and vulnerable to Satan’s attack.

I have a visual picture of these wormholes in our souls; they are inroads to Satan’s whisper, Satan’s accusation, and Satan’s attack.  They are made from our opinions and assessments of our own selves. It’s where we have sided with Satan against ourselves, making it concrete, making it law, and making it truth.

When you have someone who is roaming the earth under the satanic order, they can go right up that little tube and right to your heart and annihilate you. It’s so crafty. It’s stealth. It’s terrorism. It’s very much like what the terrorists in 9-11 did. They came in by little inroads and inside to the heart of us, and then they could attack us. It’s exactly what Satan does.  And it’s our fault. We are responsible because those are wormholes that we allowed to be established – doors and pathways for Satan to come in and attack us. We believe what he says over what God says. And so Satan can come by whatever vessel he wants and nail our hearts and nail our souls.

Here’s the opposite side of it: not only do wormholes allow Satan to infiltrate me, but they’re also a drain of the Spirit of God. God is pouring into me, and I allow the Spirit to drain out – like a sieve – through holes created from my opinions about myself. “I’m not worthy. I’m not this. I’m not that.” And so it just goes straight out of me, and then I’m left vanquished. Where is the Spirit of God? He just ran straight out of you like a sieve – out of your wormholes, made by your faulty beliefs.

I want literally all of those wormholes to be sealed, cauterized, and irradiated. If there is any outflow, I want it to be pouring out onto someone else, not to the ground.

So my prayer is that Jesus would fill every wormhole in my soul. That He would fill them with something stronger than cement, like iron and steel. That He would literally go into each of my wormholes and seal them forever.  I can hear the accusations of the enemy all day long, but I purpose to believe what God says about me instead.

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    • Sue Casey

      Yes and Amen. Hearing the Spirit of God through your post, I join you in this prayer and confess
      that it is my fault that I am vanquished. Thank you Bless them LORD!!!!!

    • Sandy

      And we justify our unbelief as some character flaw. Our human condition. It’s sin…

    • Roddy Young

      The whispers of i am not …loved ….accepted….the list is endless , are the accusations day and night before the throne . The plug hole of of condemnation is the gift of righteousness . If God has justified you who can condemnation , the gift of righteousness is the fire wall for the enemy,s accusations . The gift is the only righteousness that is condemnation proof to his accusations . We seem to want to plug up the holes by striving to towards some standard of personal holiness that will raise us above the attacks of the enemy . The gift of righteousness is the access point to his grace through which we reign in life by his spirit . I think the subtlety of the enemies accusations , to convince us we are not , trap us into the delusion of thinking , that if i do then i can become what i am not . The answer to the i am not is as you , to purpose to believe that I AM defines me .

    • Pauline

      Another confession, here…wormholes because of pride, self-absorbtion and listening to (and believing) the wrong voice–“the worm dieth not” because it feeds on self (Satan) – but now I cast that down and pray your prayer to purpose to believe what God says about me…His (s)word & discernment, discernment, discernment (Martha)–not a light thing.
      The sooner we can get a grip on the fact that we really are stupid sheep and NEED the Shepherd, Christ’s Spirit and our Father, Life and Truth and Rest(Resurrection life in Christ)will be a reality.
      The Lord’s correction from His Body is so sweet!

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