Words of Life from the Spirit

Job’s friends were a clear sign of those who speak factual words without being actually The Truth. We are all called to speak spiritual words from the Spirit or we are just abusing our hearers. Both Spirit and Truth have to be paired together or we are simply giving out error. It is all about who is speaking not what is spoken.

I have been reading the Chronological Bible when I wake up in the middle of the night. Seems a fruitful task rather than just laying there staring at the ceiling. But this early waking time has turned out to be wonderful. I am in the Old Testament currently and am always wowed by the depth of the New Testament realities found in the Old Testament. Truly our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow for all eternity.

In this Bible version, you will find right after the story of Joseph, the story of Job. Job lived somewhere between Jacob (now Israel) and his family going to Egypt to live in the Land of Goshen and the great Exodus of the Hebrew children from Egypt. A strange location indeed, but it seems to be in the chronological timeline, so there you have it.

Words of Life or Just Words

Words of Life or Just Words
Anyway, as I have listened to the plight of righteous Job, I heard a reality we all currently face. Those who speak true words without being The Truth. Oh, this is a tricky one. If we speak from logic, reason, or flesh, even if what we say is correct, it can still be death to the hearer. Only the Spirit can communicate spiritual words and bring forth His Life.

Crazy thing, I have personally witnessed people speaking the same exact words as someone who is bringing Life but their words fall flat because the Holy Spirit wasn’t behind them. In order for us to convey spiritual life in our words they must be spoken by the Spirit. We have to have the Spirit’s words with the Spirit’s power. This is a strong reality and one we all need to heed.

How many times have you had someone come bring you a so called “word of life” that brought death? I have had it happen even when someone spoke it through the Word of God. We’ve all been clubbed by someone’s spouted scripture verses. Scriptures spoken without the Life of Christ, who is the Word, is just death. It isn’t just empty words, it is literally death. Why is this, you might ask?! Because source is everything.

God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit and in truth.
John 4:24 Berean

For it is we who are the circumcision, we who worship by the Spirit of God, who glory in Christ Jesus, and who put no confidence in the flesh.
Philippians 3:3 Berean

Being in the Words You Bring

Being in the Words You Bring
One proof is in the story of Job. Job’s friends came with words that might have been true, but they had no life behind them. On the contrary, they were filled with death and trashed poor Job. And Job was not the only one who hated the words spoken from these “friends.” God was not pleased either. The consequences of bringing themselves rather than God was punishment which required them to go back to Job to receive his healing prayers.

God is jealous to be God and when we subvert His Life with our own, we receive the due punishment of our actions. This is incredible grace, because many of us would go on in our error thinking we were right and doing right. It is never right to feign having spiritual life, while only delivering simply spiritually sounding words. This path only ushers in death. It doesn’t please God ever to pretend that our death is His Life, on the contrary, it ensues His great displeasure and wrath.

The moral of this post is to always seek to bring both Spirit and Truth. Our words must emanate from His Life and mind. He is Truth and He is Spirit, the union of the two brings forth His Life to both us and our hearers.

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    • Tony

      Yes …Yes… Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Jesus never spoke words unless the Father in him was doing it. We have been called to the same life… To be living by His life..So we can say the words that I speak …they’re not my words, but Him in me. Thank you Lord for rescuing us from us and giving us your self

      • Big love Tony! Thank you for your earnest desire to see His Life manifested in your life. He is working perfection.

    • LaDonna Spears

      “Scriptures spoken without the Life of Christ, who is the Word, is just death.” Oh! May I have the fear of God!
      Bless you, John!

    • Good word. I’ve heard it also called “word rape.” Forcing our opinions or views on someone when they didn’t even ask for it, and they don’t want them, but especially when the Holy Spirit is not the source.

      • Oh, that perfectly describes it doesn’t it! Shocking and true! Thank you so much for commenting Pamela!

    • Wanda

      Powerful word, John. It sure makes a difference if it’s “me” speaking or the Spirit speaking in and through me. I have experienced this both in speaking and receiving the Word. Love you all.

      • As have I. I do know which I prefer…? Love you Wanda, thanks for commenting.

    • Helen

      These messages, John, a word in season to me, & much appreciated grace & truth. “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, do not offend or vex or sadden Him..”
      An expression of HIM is Life…
      me ‘in it’ thieves it away…& death’s it. To take the things of God & ‘present’ them, without an engaged heart, for this i repent. I ask forgiveness for my abuse of hearts…grieving Him, trampling & trespassing, where God so desires to bring Life. To speak or write beautiful empty words, that actually block His Life from flooding through…heart wrenching to see, as it should be. Jesus, flood my heart with You. Jesus, the Light of Life!

    • Nancy Mauldin

      John I had a very recent exchange with a friend about a couple of things in scripture that we don’t agree on. I was amazed about how impassioned she became about it and she recited a lot of scripture to prove her point. I felt “clubbed by someone’s spouted scripture verses.”
      Afterward I said to the Lord “there was just no life in our conversation “ and I hated it. The scripture from John 5:39-40 came to mind – you search the Scriptures because you suppose and trust that you have eternal life through them… and still you are not willing to come to Me so that you might have life.
      Now the Lord also showed me that my flesh was also operating because I had a desire to prove that I was RIGHT too (had to repent there!).
      Your word described perfectly the pitfall I fell into and fitted me to avoid those conversations because I truly want life, spirit, and to be led by the spirit. Thank you John.

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