Will God Force Me to Eat Crap?

Will God Force Me to Eat Crap?

As I was putting up my last two posts, I realized I had to address an element of letting the Lord choose my food. Just to refresh your memory, when I go out to eat, I usually inquire of the Spirit as to what I am to order. I just let Him guide me to the items I am to order and eat. And inevitably my food is always better and more satisfying when He chooses for me than if I had chosen for myself.

Good Food, Bad Food

Good Food, Bad Food
Now, one thing I have learned about humanity is that we usually attribute to God the worst motives. Someone in this mindset may think, “If I let the Lord choose my food, He will choose the most bland and disgusting item on the menu for me!” As if only cold porridge and dry toast is what He would have us eat. NOT! I can assure you the reality is to the contrary. Rather than the worst items on the menu, He always chooses things that satisfy me and Him best. Even if I don’t understand the reasoning behind choosing an item, I will make the step to obey in faith. The Lord has yet to let me down in this.

I have even ordered very odd things before, things that I wouldn’t typically order, which worked out to be simply perfect. He just knows. Not only what will taste good to me and satisfy my hunger but also the behind the scenes makings of the items.

God Knows Best

God Knows Best
Think about it. The Lord knows the condition of the food prior to emerging from the kitchen. He knows the hands that prepared it and the ingredients that are used. Why would I play food Russian roulette when my God knows what is perfect? And here’s another benefit. If the items are ordered by His Will, then they also carry His blessing. They are the best for both my body and palate.

Here is the most important part of this whole process—His and my relationship. You see, when I go to a restaurant, I don’t go in saying, “I feel like eating…so and so!” I go in asking and listening to the Lord because I am in relationship with Him and He loves me. I inquire rather than decide because it involves Him in just another aspect of my life – which He maintains.

This is not a stressful thing. I don’t go in thinking, “Oh God, what if I don’t hear You right?!” It’s a natural, relational interaction. The Spirt is so intimate and so involved with us, His children, as an Abba Father. This is not in subjugation but union. Every aspect of our lives is about relationship with Him, including the morsels of food we ingest to stay alive. Imagine, even ordering food can be interactive with the God who lives inside me! Additionally, this is pleasing to God because I am submitted to His Will.

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    • Sandy

      That’s exactly what I was seeing John, after reading your story about God and your diet – your relationship with each other! When He tells you what to eat, He is saying He loves you and that is what you are hearing! And when you look at Him to ask what you should eat, you are doing the same – you are saying you love Him!! It’s not about the food per say, it’s about how close you are to each other! Cause He could be telling another child something totally different! Like, “It doesn’t matter what is on your plate, just be thankful!” I am constantly blessed by the Life you tirelessly share! Thank you! Love you!!

      • Oh how perfect Sandy! I love that you took this to the core essence, LOVE! That is perfect and so completely true. Love you Sandy!

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