Who’s the Target Audience?

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A Deadly Pandemic Part 2

Who’s my target audience?

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So who’s this series of posts for, who’s the target audience? It’s for the blessed ones who have come to the end of their ropes.  It’s for the people walking out God-ordained circumstances designed to break them, who now need His solution. This writing is for souls who are heartsick – those people in despair whose anguish has made them sick.  It’s for individuals that have become toxic to friends, family members and to their own being. These words are for the souls who have longings yet unfulfilled, desires left in the cold, and have taken them to a place of blame and anger. These words are for all those who lay down to sleep each night depressed, and who wake up every morning resistant to facing themselves in the mirror. I don’t say this with any condemnation, for I too was caught. But I would like to lead you through a path of diagnosis to the Solution. I’m casting a wide net here and the particulars will have to be vetted out in each life. So here we go.

Pointing out target audience…

We all feel entitled to desires of some kind. They’re real and true, so much so they can even become a part of us. Inward desires that define us. Even if unspoken, they label us and corral us.  I’m motivated by these desires and they dictate my very decisions.  I don’t know what yours are but you do. These desires are inescapable, and at my core, I feel entitled to them.  The problem isn’t what the desires are but the direction in which I take them.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” the Bible says.  But disappointment is a loving invitation into relationship with God.  I once thought that my deepest heart’s yearning was mine to fulfill; that I was the only one who cared about my satisfaction. But God has a deeper intention.  Do I think that a life-directing desire, which is so strong and so fervent, happened by chance? Certainly not!

Are you my target audience?

Who are you, reader?  Are you a woman who’s emotionally-absent father caused great pain and left you vulnerable to abuse?  Do you now seek to right your world with control so you won’t be hurt again, abusing your husband, children and everyone in your world?

Are you a man whose alcoholic father raged and inflicted deep fears on you as a boy?  Are you now leading a crusade to make your world safe through religious legalism?

Are you a man whose aggressive mother lashed your developing manhood, and now you believe you can only seek intimacy through porn and prostitution?

Have you never received a father’s touch or attention, and now you walk as an orphan, desperate for love and affection from men to father you?

Are you a woman who is affected by the betrayal of an unfaithful husband, and now you believe all men are dogs? Are you now aggressive and accusing of all men to hide the betrayal you feel in your inner heart?

You see, our desires are deeply personal.  They’re rooted into the core of our belief system about our world and about ourselves. All of these examples are legitimate wounds and valid desires, but taken awry. This is about the tragedy of real life; for we have all had our hopes deferred.

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    • Tina

      I see an ongoing separation between my own desires and needs that and the desire and passion that God has placed in me for the purpose of knowing Him. They are connected and entangled from childhood amidst the pain and suffering His purpose rises.

    • Sam

      I am going to keep silent all throughout these series. I think this is what the Spirit is telling me.

      “Prayer” in “deep silence.”

    • pearl

      Ok this touched a crazy nerve…of weeping in me, not even sure why at this moment….groanings too deep for words right now!!

    • Pauline

      Yes, yes and yes to some of the above questions. So thankful you were led to pursue this, John. Sometimes, when things are painful or negative or shameful, it’s easier to bury it…after all, we’re a Christian now, a new creation, why look back? (Maybe because Father is looking to deliver and restore us to HIS view of us for His Son’s glory and even – as Martha stated in a recent CDoM – cause us to like our story.) The Holy Spirit be all over you with this, John. Thank you.

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