Where Has All the Hope Gone?

Where has All the Hope Gone?

I recently read an article about how our world as a whole is living in strife and because of this, we’re on edge without hope. “Not one global power is optimistic…” All the major powers, in essence, have lost their hopeful vision. The uncertainty and struggles, which we’re all facing, have left the governments of the world less than hopeful. It’s as if the eyes of the world have dimmed.

Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future
Vision and purpose gives us energy and hope for the future, but a people with no vision gives way to unrest, chaos and futility. Years of strife, broken promises and anxiety have made us hopeless that things will get better. Our populace has become restless and discontent for one reason: our purpose is absorbed in mere survival. No culture thrives under paralyzing fears.

Whether it’s economic unpredictability, the threat of terrorist attacks, or civil and political unrest, our world is in a constant state of disturbance. Our hearts are heavy and weighed down with uncertainty. Will my economy collapse? Where will the next terror attack take place and could it be in my community? What civil uprising will there be next? And all the while, personal offenses and outrages flare up daily. Little inconveniences make for huge eruptions of anger and hatred. And actual offenses become epic clashes.

Why Our Hope is Diminished

Why Our Hope is Diminished
Why is this all happening? Is there a higher reason for our diminished hopes? Yes, I believe there’s a huge purpose behind it all. But for this post, I want to discuss it as something directionally. When our wells dry up, we search for water. When all our known avenues of fulfillment leave us empty, we seek other avenues. Could all of our dried up hopes be inviting us to a Higher Hope? As long as we can satisfy ourselves, what need do we have of Another. But when fear grips our hearts and our eyes look for a solution will we look up? No, not everyone will cast their gaze onto The Hopeful One. But for those who do, their vision will brighten.

Seasons come and seasons go but sometimes darkness is purposed to cause us to seek the Light. Often pressure is applied to move us towards our only Source. When our hopes are gone and fear runs high, Jesus leads us with vision and direction towards Himself. Thank God our hopes in man, money, and powers only diminish as their capabilities fail. Today’s a day to look to the only Light of the Universe, placing our hope in the only Man with Power, and dwelling in His Peace beyond measure.

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    • Sam

      Ah… thank you Lord!

    • Bruce Dickey

      ‘A time is coming when men’s hearts will fail them for fear what they see is coming upon the world…’
      ‘Be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within you.’
      Contrast brings real hope (Christ) into focus.

    • Pauline

      Possibilities? Probabilities? — maybe, but we have Promises. “When our wells dry up, we search for water.” Jesus, the Living Water is our only sustenance. (Someone remind me of that tomorrow!)
      Thank you, John . . . another convicting and encouraging reminder.

    • Margo

      This post is a symphony in the midst of cacophony.

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