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What profit is there in a prophet who doesn’t stand in and for love?!

Recently I’ve heard an uptick in prophecies against America, the GREAT BABYLON. Now, I’m not going to say that the US is not being judged, or headed towards greater judgment. Our sins are stacked to the skies. We, the most blessed nation in the world, have turned our backs on our Blesser. It’s shameful and certainly deserving of God’s judgment. And I could sit down and list out our sins, but that is not the point of this message. This post is for the prophet who prophesy while lacking love.

A Prophet Declares

A Prophet Declares judgment
I heard someone say the other day that God was going to strike the US with a nuclear disaster, so much so, that not a blade of grass would grow nor a single person would survive. Over 314 million people annihilated in a flash – wow! Now, this could happen, but what does that say to the faithful who still remain in this country?

I remember a dealing that God had with Abraham concerning Sodom and Gomorrah.  “For the sake of ten, would you not spare it?” MERCY! Now, just because there are ten righteous people in the United States, does that mean God won’t judge us for our massive sin? Certainly not! But I believe that the 10 righteous could be removed, saved from, or taken into glory. Just because there are righteous doesn’t mean they won’t be taken home during God’s smiting. But again, I digress – this is not what I want to address.

The Angry Prophet and God’s Judgment

The Angry Prophet and God's JudgmentMy concern is for the prophet who prophesies in personal wrath, and signs God’s name on their words. This is simply the tree of good and evil, not love. Yep, that tree we all ate from, which signaled our desire to be independent from God. How is prophesying without God’s heart any different than whoring under every tree?  And no, I am not saying that prophecy is only prophecy when it’s positive and affirming; that’s equally as gross. But the Spirit of the Living God has a heart that is broken by sin, because He is love. God is lovesick and is forming His bride. It is out of love that He judges.

I have been on the receiving end of God’s anger.  I’ve felt His flames of judgment.  But what I also felt was His extreme passion and burning jealousy for me.  Though I could literally feel His wrath, I also could feel His zeal towards me.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. It didn’t carry with it that dark cloud of condemnation—it was blinding Light.  He was God! I shook, but not with that insipid human cowering. When you face off with God, you don’t have that aw poor me sniveling; you have acknowledgement of GOD!  It’s liberating.

So when a prophet comes with the word of judgment lacking the Spirit of Love, they misrepresent God.  My question is: how is it that that prophet feels they will escape being judged?  They literally are coming bearing God’s face, with God’s message, but failing to deliver it in God’s Spirit.  Ooh, it makes me tremble.

Do you think, prophet, that your standing so firm against something will hold you up? Will you be spared because of your rigid stance?  I doubt it!

The Wrath of a Prophet

The Wrath of a Prophet Judgment
There is a hunger for destruction in these prophets. It is frightening! True prophets fall on their faces, saying “Have mercy on us!” I would respect these prophetic voices so much more if they paid any price of intercession and love to equal the stance against sin.  When there is no heart investment, there is no right to speak.  My fervent fire has to burn both ways: in me with passionate concern, and against their sin. Divine judgment is forged in the fires of God’s passionate love and enduring mercy.

There are eons of generations that have come and gone. Peoples thrive and fade. But the heart of God has not changed from the beginning.  He is preparing a bride for His Son.  He is passionate for us to love Him.  Judgment against us is to passionately remove what stands in the way of our love flow toward God.  If you think this universe is about the legal right way, you have missed the whole point.  I recommend Gene Edward’s book the Divine Romance if you find yourself chafing against the waywardness of man.  I believe it so amazingly communicates God’s purpose of why we were created and why He would judge.

At the end of the day, I believe the core of our God is love. He has placed me in this country to live and be.  If He should call me out, that too would be His choice.  But as it stands, I am in Him, speaking what He gives me as a friend of the Bridegroom.  I am not here to condemn but call.  Yes, part of that call may be for REPENTANCE, but behind it must be His yearning love to see His children “Come!”

• Martha delivered a message about God’s judgment in the 90s, and I believe it’s true. I will even send you the message free of charge, if you comment on this blog and request it or use the Contact US link above. The message will be sent to the email address you use. Ask for: Call to War (Judgment of America).

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    • Lori

      Amen, John . The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.
      Could you please forward the message you mentioned?
      Thank you! And bless you! I so appreciate how you give so freely …

    • Irene

      “When there is no heart investment, there is no right to speak”, very profound words John, that strike the core of this issue. When I first read Divine Romance back in the 80’s, I was given my initial glimpse of the spiritual realm and given a hunger and thirst for more (all?) of Jesus. I am so grateful for the writings of Gene Edwards, and feel privileged to have sat under his teachings in years past. He introduced me to many “deeper life” authors, including Martha Kilpatrick.

    • Fabi

      How difficult it is to see the loving God behind His judgments, and how necessary the prophet who understands – by experiencing His judgments – that loving God.
      Thank you John. It is always a gift to read you all as being exposed by His judgements, comperhensive love flows.
      I´ll appreciate to receive the message.

    • Sandra

      AMEN! Thank you for boldy proclaiming what’s been in my heart for some time! I do appreciate Shulamite Ministries so much and would very much appreciate receiving Martha’s message. I feel like I’m one of her disciples. ;o)

    • Kirk and dawn

      Hey John, we would like you to send us the messages. Thanks

    • Susan

      Well written John. Do you think it’s rooted in a ‘religious spirit’ of self righteousness like the Pharisees? From experience it brings death and not life. Would love to hear Call to War. Thanks for every labor of love.

      • Tina

        Wow Susan, that is exactly what the Lord is uncovering about my sin. I have been known to have a prophetic voice not officially but in my call to truth and judgment. I used to have the nickname Tinaijah haha in college. But what I just shared with someone was my sin of a religious spirit in pride, unrighteous judgment, and a evil disguised as good and true but was still producing death. God deliver me.

        • Susan

          Tina, I share your sentiments. This spirit of the old adamic nature has been in all of mankind and must be overcome as Martha says – by our YES to HIM and I believe also by seeing His ‘mercy that triumphs over judgement’. If not, we just end up religious bringing blindness and confusion to ourselves and death to others. Bless you!

    • Gaby

      True prophets fall on their faces, saying “Have mercy on us!”
      Oh yes, I agree.
      If we look at Daniel 9: He ‘understood from the books'(V2) the signs of his time, so he got to his knees, right as you say, John: ‘WE have sinned…’ (V5) , he is doing this because ‘to the Lord, our God belong mercy and loving-kindness and forgiveness’ (V9) and therefore he is heard and given an answer by Gabriel, ‘at the beginning of your prayers the word went forth….’ (V23)
      If this is true for the Old Testament, how much more is it true for the New!

      If “Call to War” is also available for Non-Americans, I’d appreciate it 🙂
      We in Europe are in quite a similar boat, I’m afraid. Only a step ahead, maybe. But not in the right direction!

    • Tina

      “Divine judgment is forged in the fires of God’s passionate love and enduring mercy.” “He is preparing a bride for His Son. He is passionate for us to love Him. Judgment against us is to passionately remove what stands in the way of our love flow toward God.”

      “The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.
      More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.” Psalm 19:9-10(KJV)
      The understanding and clarity of His judgments are so easily entangled when we have roots of condemnation still alive within us.
      His judgments are sweet! Literally, they come with grace and show us the path of life. They restore our hope and provide the security of being loved and cared for.
      The condemnation that comes from the lies we believe about God and the pride of life that screams that we must earn His love and approval brings heaviness and dead and is often used as an excuse to sin.
      Help me Lord to love Your judgments and share the fruit of them by Your Spirit in love. Deliver me from the snares of evil and self-hatred. I pray.

      • Irene

        Yes and amen Tina.

    • Tina

      Yes, send me the message also, please and thank you.

    • Sam

      It is so easy to prophesy out of our own stomach futile words. When you speak so, words of “strong judgment” are shallow and they are filled with poisoning waters.

      These sound to me like prophetic-commercials out of the “Advertisement Land.” The commercial now is “Judgment on the USA.” Prophets get out of His stomach His Word, they do not talk a trend commercial!

      Judgment CANNOT be separated from Love, because even judgment is another expression of this God of Love, because He is Love. As John said (because he has experienced it) “the judgment of God is His Light poured out on me!”

      So, He doesn’t “judge” according to our concepts of “judging.”

      His Eye sees behind my cloths, so what He sees of me He speaks; and what He speaks is the judgment of what was seen of me. His Judgment is Light illuminating my darkness, and it is always filled of the scent of LOVE!

      The spirit of these “prophets”, I have heard before.

    • Sam

      I forgot: I’d also appreciate to receieve the message you mention, John.


    • Wanda

      Thank you, John, I believe you answered a question I have been asking the Lord recently. Yes, I would like to have the message.

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    • Diane

      Thank you John and yes I would like you to send me the message

    • Jacquelyn Nawrocki

      John, please send me judgment of America. 🙂

    • LeAnn

      Bless you John. Christ in you has once again put into words something that the Spirit agrees with.

      Please include me when sharing that Judgement message. Thank you

    • Cindy

      John, please send me the Judgment of America. Thank you!

    • Douglas Bright

      Thank you, John. Yes, I would like a copy of the message.

    • Mia

      This is very encouraging John! God IS love so he cannot seperate one part of himself from another! I would like to hear Martha’s message on America.
      Thank you!

    • Marie R

      Thank you John for sharing and confirming what has been on my heart for a while! I see so many “prophetic” words with mixture of flesh and spirit and some that are just straight from the flesh from the Facebook community and some of it has really grieved my heart…..almost like they want God to smite the people of USA and they are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of it….you can hear it in their posts. I would appreciate if you could send me the message too 🙂

    • Sue

      dear John, thank you again for your transparency, your clear love for the bridegroom and your freely offering the message Martha gave in Call to War. Please forward this message to me. Thank you to Martha and the Shulamite ministry for the example of true spirit of giving, offering free books each day. May the LORD continue to bless you all !!!!!!

    • Sheila Aitken

      Please send me the message Call to War.

    • Barb

      John I would be interested in this email message. Thank you

    • Seth Roach

      John, thank you for bringing the fire of His love to the fire of His message. It truly is a double edged sword but one that brings healing and deliverance. If there are any more copies of the Call to War I would be happy to receive it. Thanks.

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