Weakness the Path to Victory

Why does weakness produce shame in most men? This was a question I had for the Lord one day I was waking up. I am no stranger to hating weakness. In actually it started for me as a child. But until recently I didn’t associate weakness with shame. In studying weakness I do see it is shame producing. And it seems to be a primary source of shame common to most males. While a woman may suffer more with body image, in men it’s about our performance. Whether weakness in our character or ability the result is shame.

Shame is a destructive emotion. Shame separates us and leaves us isolated. And the enemy uses our shame to attempt to separate us from God. While nothing can separate us from the love of God, shame blinds us to that reality.

Our Weakness

Our Weaknes
Why would the enemy focus his assault on our weakness? Our weakness is the path to our Solution — Christ’s Life. As long as I am buried under the weight of shame, I am prevented from living in victory. Satan is so crafty to obscure the very path to the resolve of our inabilities. Weakness is not a death sentence, it is a path leading to Life.

Here is the reality. Weakness makes us dependent, and dependence gives us access to His strength. As long as I am stuck in the mire of shame over my weakness, I will fail to access the only Source of strength.

Dependence Emerges from the Weak

Dependence Emerges from the Weak
The devil works to put such a stink upon our weakness because embracing our weakness actually brings us closer to our God. The enemy’s tactic is like a shock collar to keep us in line. Our shame makes us fight and resist our weakness. All the while, weakness, which makes us dependent, leads us to dependence on Christ Life over our own. Though it may feel like weakness is our enemy preventing us from victory, it’s the contrary, weakness is our friend.

Mankind quite often wants an independent answer but Jesus gives us the dependence Solution. And it is through our very weakness surrendered and yielded to the Spirit, that we connect with Strength who is Christ. Embrace your weakness with me, and let’s manifest Christ’s strength in those very areas.

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