We Have Everything We Need in Jesus

We Have Everything We Need in Jesus

In Jesus Christ, we have everything we need. Do I really believe that? Do you?

And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19 AMPC

When I’m faced with a circumstance beyond my experience and understanding, do I truly believe that God will give me what I need to face it? Do I ask my Father for wisdom with the expectation that it’s His joy to give it? Or do I ask in the despair of unbelief that He will come through as He promises? It’s one thing to read a devotional or memorize a scripture, and quite another to experience the power and love of Jesus in the most practical fulfillment of a need.

Everything We Need is at Hand

Everything We Need is at Hand
I recently had a conversation with a young father who is concerned about his son. This is a family that I love, and as I listened to my friend, I prayed for wisdom in how to respond. I was confident that the Lord would give me the wisdom I needed for the conversation because I had absolutely nothing if He didn’t. I have no experience of my own to draw on when it comes to parenting, and it seemed unlikely that Jesus would respond to an open heart in need with, “Stinks to be you, Chachi!”

Jesus came through, of course, but not conventionally. He didn’t give me the solution for this man’s problem. He let me point him in the right direction, but the rest was simply encouragement. The Lord is jealous for His relationship with this man. Jesus wants His own personal and practical encounter with my friend. He wants to BE the Wisdom and Solution for him in his difficulty. Jesus wants this precious man to experience for himself the overwhelming awe and LOVE that only comes when you KNOW that God is responding to your heart.

In the ditches and drudgery of your life is where relationship with the Lord is forged and deepened. This is where unbelief is wrestled out and belief is worked in—and that’s where the line of attack so often comes.

The Attack on Getting Everything We Need

The Attack on Getting Everything We Need
Satan loves to move us into irresponsibility, but if he fails on that front, he just attacks our confidence in God’s goodness and provision. When you take up your responsibility, he’s right there letting you know how ill-equipped you are to handle it. And because there’s a kernel of truth in that insinuation, the barb goes in. We are ALL ill-equipped to handle the blessings of our lives, let alone the responsibilities or difficulties. BUT…God has made available in Christ everything we need. Period!

If you are a parent, then you have the authority you need where your children are concerned. To take up the responsibility is to receive the authority needed for that responsibility. Need wisdom too? God gives that freely to all who ask for it. Satan would have me believe that my relationship with Jesus Christ is insufficient to my needs, whatever they may be. He loves to tell me that I’m too young in the Christian life, too spiritually immature, too ignorant about the Scripture, and too inexperienced in the ways of God to move through my life alone with Jesus. And that’s a lie. It’s a lie for me and it’s a lie for you, too!

God Loves to Give Us Everything We Need

God Loves to Give Us Everything We Need
Martha’s discipling of me is a priceless gift to my life, but if it ended tomorrow, I would still have everything I need in Jesus Christ. In fact, the entire crux of Martha’s discipling of me has been to point me to the Lord and remove obstacles to that one essential relationship in my life. The consistent spiritual impartation of Martha Kilpatrick into my heart has been that Christ is ALL.

Everything we need is ready and waiting for us in Jesus Christ—love, faith, wisdom, grace, patience, discipline, joy, peace, understanding, and all the other unsearchable riches He holds.

For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.
Matthew 6:8 NKJV

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    • Frank Pellegrino

      Jen, you are one of Gods precious gifts to me. Thank you for sharing it always hits home. Know your in my thoughts & prayers. Much love, when is the next conference Frank

    • Alex

      I sure needed to hear this as I go into 2 very difficult meetings today! Thanks for the reminder to give it all to Him and to expect PROVISION.

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