Warring Through Weakness is Our Strength

Warring Through Weakness is Our Strength

Today I am going to give you our strongest position in warfare. We are in a crisis and warfare is needed. Our strongest position in spiritual warfare is utter dependence on the Lord. In weakness I find Christ’s strength. I am not a spiritual bully pushing to get my way. My yielded heart in faith stems from Jesus and who He is, and He alone is my strength. This seems totally counter to logic and it is. Faith is not about logic, it is about  dependence.

In Weakness Christ is Strong

In Weakness Christ is Strong
My life is relegated to the Will of the Father. And in my weakness Christ is strong. Boy, has this been a difficult lesson (more on that in my next post). Continually we are brought to the threshold of whether we will muscle up or yield. I can’t tell you how many flailing and screaming believers I have witnessed evoking their rights and will. The louder they get the stronger they feel. But it is simply a feeling and not reality. I don’t war in strength, I war from weakness.

Faith is not a bully pulpit, it is an acknowledgment of my dependence on the only One with strength. I stand assured in faith because I came to the situation utterly empty handed. Faith is “the person of Christ” rising in me as He faces my situation. He is the strength in my faith-legs allowing me to stand.

My Strength in Situations

My Strength in Situations
The other day I was speaking with Martha and I said of our current crisis, “While we feel powerless to effect change, we have more power than the ones who appear to have power.” How can this be true? Because the only One with true power lives in me. My strength in this situation comes from my connection to the Source—Jesus.

The born-again believer living in the Will of God and in Faith has in residence the Answer and Strength. My greatest power isn’t found in my ability to convince through conversation or action. No, True Power comes from my union and connection with the Person of power and strength. My influence is in the realm of relationship with Christ.

So does this mean I am off the hook from responsibility? Assuredly not! My connection with Jesus Christ inevitably leads to His action and movement. It isn’t about inactivity, it is relegating our activity to His Will and Life. And when Jesus moves, He moves in His strength.

If I want to move mountains, I don’t start pushing,  I go to the Mountain Mover. If I disagree with a course of action our government is taking, I go to the True Authority. Empty I enter into His fullness.

Weakness Warfare

Weakness Warfare
Here is a quote from John Milton that reiterates this point:

The martyrs shook the powers of darkness with the irresistible power of weakness.

Ah, human strength is failing but in our weakness we connect with His strength.

(Speaking of the Heroes of Faith) Who by [the help of] faith subdued kingdoms, administered justice, obtained promised blessings, closed the mouths of lions, extinguished the power of raging fire, escaped the devourings of the sword, out of frailty and weakness won strength and became stalwart, even mighty and resistless in battle, routing alien hosts.
Hebrews 11:33-34 AMPC



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    • Alex

      Oh, this is wonderful truth! This is being lived out right now, certainly for me! Long story, but I see that He gives us the right prayer in His timing ONLY when I’m too weak to go into my own strength or feelings or desire. He’s really utterly abundant, isn’t He?

    • Majaunta McKean

      john several years ago the Lord walked me straight into the tip of this sword Word. He literally told me He was going to take my strength out…allow me to be knocked out at the knees. It was also in a season He had told me to live with Joseph for a while. A phrase I did not understand at the time. It has been an ongoing learning moment that I hope to always be mindful of. I am only strong ,when I am utterly weak. Then and only then can He show His might in full display and Glory. I learned in “living with Joseph” ,reading ps. 105 that He was laid in iron,Iron, soul bound in a struggle of strength and will ,UNTIL the time that his word came to pass,or in other words until a transformation had taken place. Until he surrendered to the path God has chosen ,until he surrendered to God’s plan and until he laid aside his own strength indistinguishable his weakness ,surrendering to God’s power over all of his circumstances. This message has been lost to western Christianity. The message of the Cross…laying down our life and striving. You and Martha and all at Shulamite are rare. That is why I love each and everyone of you. You are full of Him,full of His word,Full of His wonder . You are an oasis in this chaotic mess .

    • Helen

      “Empty I enter into His fullness.” AMEN! There’s a day out there, to be lived, & it can look & act like it’s all pre-planned before you even put your foot in it. But whose plan do I see, that makes me want to fight or flee?! There’s only One legitimate Will. And so I want the Lord to have ‘the say’ in His day. Dependence puts ‘the crowd’ out the door, & down there, where it’s He in me…we can go anywhere. We don’t look at the faces of men or me or situations—Dependence looks at the Face of God…..

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