Wanting What God Has for ME

Wanting What God Has for ME

Being focused and intent on what God has for ME is not selfish. In fact, it is necessary for a life of adventure! So let’s talk about how to be on self in an obedient way.

I wonder what destiny God has for ME?

I wonder what destiny God has for ME?
I don’t want what you have from God. I bless you in it! That’s awesome, and I am often really encouraged or spiritually fed by what God has given others. But at the end of the day, I want what God has for ME. THAT is what I’m pursuing.

The God of the Universe dreamed me before ever the world was formed. In that, I am unique, and uniquely His. God has plans for me, good plans! He promised that (Jer. 29:11). His plans for me are not the same as His plans for you. I want what’s mine, and not what you have even if what you have is spectacular. My Creator formed me in my mother’s womb for a purpose and destiny, and I desperately want to know what that is!

I wonder what knowledge of Himself God has for ME?

There are books and books and MORE books filled with truly wondrous revelation of the person of God. And I love that! God has used the personal testimony of many saints to give me a closer glimpse of His character, His mind, and most importantly, His great heart. But above all the timeless knowledge of God that others have published, I want what God has for me specifically. What does God want to tell ME about Himself? What is vital to my relationship with Him, to the destiny He chose for me? THAT is what I want to know.

Envy Can’t Take Root When I Want What God Has for ME!

Envy Can’t Take Root When I Want What God Has for ME!
In prioritizing what is spiritually mine, envy has a hard time taking root in my heart. For instance, I love Martha and John. The life that God has given them is awe-inspiring. Each has a deep and real and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ and an impactful ministry worldwide. But when I look at who they are and what they have in the Lord, I don’t feel envy. I feel hunger. I’m hungry for MY OWN deep relationship with Jesus. I’m hungry for MY OWN calling and ministry. How can I envy the life of John or the life of Martha when I’ve been given the life of Jennifer?! Even with an entire universe of people already in the pipeline of creation, God still dreamed me. He had good reason to do so and I’m hungry for every last bit and bobble He’s got for me. God’s love is personal! Even when He’s showering it on a whole church, He STILL makes it personal. And when I’m hungry for what God has for ME, I’m loving Him just as personally.

I want what God has for ME. Don’t you want what He has for you? God is infinitely creative; it’s Satan who lives in the tired cliché and creative retread. It’s Satan who whispers that blessings are finite and must be contested. Don’t listen to that lie. You don’t need what someone else has, nor should you be remotely satisfied to want it. Cry out for all that God has for YOU!

The Lord has made everything [to accommodate itself and contribute] to its own end and His own purpose—even the wicked [are fitted for their role] for the day of calamity and evil.
Proverbs 16:4 AMPC

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    • tammy

      Oh Bless you Jenn!
      I often feel so weirdly out of place because there are some things that He’s given me that I am unable to locate in others. Your message reminds me that it’s okay to be me. The me who He created me to be as He lives through me. You make me smile.
      I love you!

      • Jennifer

        Exactly, Tammy! And in the Body of Christ, we need each other to be the unique vessels of Christ’s life that God dreamed us to be. It’s so beautiful to see. And I love you too!

    • Alex

      I love this! Yes! I want what He has for me. And thank you for identifying the lie that blessings are finite and must be contested. I’ve never heard it put like that, but that is exactly it! ❤️

      • Jennifer

        So glad you caught that, Alex. In the moment of jealousy, we rarely stop to address the lie BEHIND the temptation to envy, which is the idea that someone else being blessed means that I won’t be. Despicable lie! And easily refuted if I’ll just open my eyes. Thank you for highlighting this point, much love!

    • Payatt

      I saw something pretty profound in this and something very convicting. I have been looking at other or it happens even when I am in the midst of other Christians. I begin to see all of these area and start to the want this or that. Almost like the gifts or works of God can be pulled off the shelf at a grocery store and just added or consumed in my life. But your right Jennifer we should see want but more so a wanting of what God wants to do or specifically his plan and work in us. But either way I’ve always envied other Christians or seen myself as lacking which is self and I should begin to rejoice and ask God to see what he has for me.

      • Jennifer

        I think you have a lot of company in this, Payatt, including me! It’s all too easy to compare ourselves to other people, whether it’s with envy for what they have or with pride for what they lack. Much harder to walk in the gratitude and humility that lets us see others as individuals loved by Jesus Christ. I bless the Holy Spirit’s work in you — and in me!

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