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Waking Up Loved

Wake Up LovedGood Morning Wake Up!

Picture this: it’s Saturday morning and you’re sound asleep. The bed feels amazing and it cradled you all night. Even now you resist letting it go. There’s nothing like a refreshing night’s sleep! Then all of a sudden an aroma wafts into your room, a gentle wake up. It’s the beautiful scent of breakfast. You can smell the sweetness of French toast. You can almost taste the butter and syrup in the air. Now a hint of fresh-cooked bacon arrives. All your senses come alive, and what once was an enveloping cocoon is now a hindrance you’ll have to attempt to peal off. Your face is still crumpled from your awesome slumber, but the fragrance resulting from loving hands cooking you a hot meal begs for your release from the night’s spell. As you pull off the covers, you realize the sun is pouring brilliant, cascading yellow into your room. It’s going to be a gorgeous day! As you make your way to the kitchen, the scent intensifies. Now you can begin to hear the sounds of popping as the bacon crisps. Entering the room, you see a beaming smile on the face connected to those loving hands preparing this banquet. You’re greeted with, “Good Morning love, how did you sleep?” This is followed by a precious little kiss that removes any doubts that you’re not deeply loved. Ah, all is right with the world…

What a delight, huh? So let me tell you why I painted this picture. How often do we wake up, and instead of looking into the face of our Beloved, we hear our accuser? My picture was to demonstrate the delight of waking loved. We as children of God are loved. We’re intended to greet each day with Jesus’ heart and mind about us. Not in a Pollyanna way, but in the reality that regardless of what is going on, I am His and He is mine. I am loved!

Yet the pattern I’ve noticed is that I wake up and then have to work to get to the place where I already am. I have to remove a dark veil to come into Light reality. Why is this? Why do many of us wake up to greet the accuser rather than our Beloved? I don’t want to start my day with accusing tones! I choose to rise in the Light of His love and glory. I’m a loved child of God.

The Dark Veil of Accusation

This is one of those slow, habitual moves that becomes indistinguishable as it moves into our lives. And until we object, it will remain. This wet blanket feels like you – like self-talk – but it isn’t, it’s the accuser. It’s that foreign voice that calls you worthless, failing, and stupid. It’s a rehearsal of accusations against your very personhood. It’s the stranger’s voice.

I am loved of God!

Our God doesn’t wake us to crush us. He doesn’t set out to separate from us before we even see the light of day. The fruit of this is not from the Shepherd, therefore it’s the voice of another. Maybe this isn’t you; maybe you wake up in your proper position—loved. But for those who wake up in the haze, I tell you it is a LIE! Even when our God is chastening us, He doesn’t negate our worth or crush our spirits. This other voice wants to put a pall on our lives. If our days can be covered from the beginning by death clothes, we will be working to get up, rather than walking out of victory. It’s so crafty but a lie nonetheless.

Let’s wake up and listen for the voice of our Beloved. Let Him set the tone, the course, the purpose for the day.

They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t know his voice.
John 10:5 NLT

To read more Loved of God has deeply impacted my concept of being loved.

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    • Tammy

      “And until we object,…”
      Exactly John!
      Sometimes we just have to begin by making the choice to speak His Truth over ourselves even before we believe it. Choosing to surrender to His will and accept His love even before our feet hit the floor can change the way we face the day. Knowing He is sovereign over our every breath gives way to a life full of adventure!
      Bless you,

    • Sam

      Always a radiograph of your soul, John. 🙂 Forever grateful for your deep transparency and your fights exposed.

      We’re intended to greet each day with Jesus’ heart and mind about us. Not in a Pollyanna way, but in the reality that regardless of what is going on, I am His and He is mine. I am loved!

      I think the majority of us wake up most of our lives in the “haze” and have to enter the “love”. This is funny, but when I was younger, I really didn’t like to wake up and leave my comfortable bed to confront life out there, and that kind of made me woke up in grunt and malhumor (except Saturdays/Sundays). But that was mixed in with… some other issues.

      Life has proved me that was my own disliking of God and the life He gave me gave me a bad waking. Today I still grunt, but a bit less. 🙂

      • Sam

        Geee… I meant “badhumor”… not “malhumor”. :DDD

    • sue

      Loved this post………hadn’t paid that much attention to my waking mood. BUT I will

    • Paul

      Love, love this post, John! I think this accusing voice is more common amongst believers than we care to admit. I recall reading even of Derek Prince who had this cloud of gloom often about him. How wonderful to know that we CAN arise each day with the awareness of His unconditional love! What a wonderful illustration and picture that you painted John! (P.S. It would’ve been perfectly complete however, if you added the aroma of coffee! 🙂

    • Susan

      Have you ever just had to sing to yourself… ‘Jesus loves me this I know’? Thanks John.

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