Getting My Unsaved Friends and Family into Church

Getting My Unsaved Friends and Family into Church

We can often feel that if we could just get our unsaved friends and family into a church, everything would be ok. Our responsibility would be over; we’d have done our part. Is this true? Could this be God’s ultimate plan? Is our only role to make the unsaved a churchgoer? The answer, I am finding, is not so much.

Unsaved and Bitter

Unsaved and Bitter
I have a friend who suffers from extreme bitterness. It is painful to me because it is hurting them. A bitter person is a miserable person, not just an unpleasant person to be around. My friend can sport a good façade, but when they get comfortable or riled up, their bitterness squirts out. And it’s never a clean spew because it’s bitterness. Unforgiveness is simply defiling and infectious. It doesn’t shoot in a steady stream, it sprays like a shotgun. Like pride, bitterness tempts others to indulge and explore their own bitterness in its presence.

With this in mind, is my responsibility in my bitter friend’s life just to get them into a church? Is that my only duty, to cajole them into a church like meat parts into sausage casing? This is not what God is telling me today. Though it would appear to be easier for me, I don’t think I get the opportunity to just dump the unsaved into a church, like some recycling station. I am in the priesthood of God and I have more culpability then that.

Unsaved Friends and Family and Church

Unsaved Friends and Family and Church
This is a very costly position, but to flee away and pass my responsibilities off on to another is to rob Christ and myself. I don’t get to say, “Hey, can YOU fix this one so I can come back and pick them up when they’re all clean?” No, church is not a dumping station for wayward toys. I am church!

Wouldn’t it be selfish if I just dumped my problems off on an unexpecting local pastor? But ask a local pastor if that is not what they find. Most prefer a quick fix if possible or at least having it fixed for them. While I shirk my part in this story, here is another thing I would be dumping on those pastors: my blessing and my seeing of Christ. I’ve not been called to cut bait and run. I am to follow the Spirit in my life and allow His Life to manifest through me.

I was tempted to begin to limit my involvement with this bitter friend until Christ said, “Is that My Will?” Ouch! I can’t treat the unsaved like a goldfish, just plunking them into a bowl and occasionally sprinkling food (prayers) on them. I am a disciple and The Disciple-maker gets to choose the path of my life because I am His disciple.


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    • sue

      John, I was struck on many fronts with this post. Honestly, I have not followed scripture to be ready in season and out of season to share the hope HE has given me in HIM (2 Timothy 4:2-5). Before I read to the last paragraph, I was excited and praising God that Martha has listened and recorded HIS wisdom and instructions for new book, The Mystery of Discipleship !!! Joining with you in your prayer from previous post also. Personally, so grateful that I was confronted with my bitterness and shudder to think where I would be today without this confrontation and repentance. Can’t wait for this Shulamite Ministries conference.

    • Marshall

      knowing that our Father is able to lift us out and away should a crtiical point be reached as-where the a disciple is becoming no longer a disciple of Jesus Christ, but instead is to opposing Him intently or by apathy..

      • shulamite

        I think this is true. My question would be were they truly a disciple or not. God only knows the heart. You can say, He will complete to work He started but we also have free-will. These things are to high for me. ? I do know that the true disciples went to the death for the Father. As for my friend, they are not a disciple as of yet, maybe by calling or destiny but right now they are not even saved. We will see.

    • Sandy

      Dear John! Such amazing stuff you share here!! But the “bread you cast” tastes much more like meat to me! I also appreciate the fact that you have been doing so at a much slower pace lately – it gives me much more time to “chew”! I don’t feel like I have to “eat” so fast! ;P
      These two posts you wrote reminded me of your closed bank situation and what Jesus did on the cross and yours and Martha’s wonderful videos…
      What came to me was the question if that isn’t what “evangelizing” really is!? Taking the blow!

      Love you all…

      • shulamite

        While I would like nothing more than posting 5 days a week, I would get nothing else accomplished but them. And I would look like a raisin. ? These posts are fulfilling while being costly. As you know, they’re not an opinion piece, it is a dive into my heart, life and spiritual walk. I am gleaning and sharing what I am hearing. I am so pleased the Father allows you to eat from this garden. You are such a joyful receiver.

        We are about to start a 3 podcast episode series on just what you have mentioned. It starts on Episode #556
        July 30, 2017 I am really looking forward to getting the Altogether Forgiven book into your hands. You are going to devour and love it. Talk about MEAT!

        Here is a link to the things you mentioned in your comment if anyone is interested in checking it out.

        • Sandy

          Hmmmmmm… “Getting the Altogether Forgiven book into my hands” is what my dreams are made of John!!

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