Triggered by Triggers: Our Shame Story

Triggered by Triggers: Our Shame Story

I am seeing the Lord do something among our church body. The Lord is asking members to lay down their triggers and shame, which prevent us from seeing His glory. It’s casting aside labels, roles, opinions and judgments which have been assigned to us. This is huge!

Often when we are growing up, life situations or those who influence us most can tempt us to believe grievous thoughts about ourselves. It might not even be maliciously done, but our takeaway is a lifetime of struggle. Yet recently I am seeing the Lord move about us breaking the cycle of those imprisoning triggers and shame. It is so encouraging to witness and we will be speaking about this process in upcoming podcasts. Stay tuned…

Triggers, Triggers, Triggers

Triggers, Triggers, Triggers
So what on earth are triggers? Well triggers are situations or circumstances that remind us of deeply emotional situations in our lives. Triggers are usually traumas that run like bad tapes in our heads. And our shame attaches itself to these triggers and colors our world. But as I have said, we don’t have to remain in these old thoughts and patterns. As I showed in my last post we can cast them aside and seek God for His definition of our lives.

For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in Him will not be put to shame.”
Romans 10:11

Throwing Down Shame, Building a Foundation

God is setting the stage among us for His presence and glory. He is doing this by having us throw down our personal shame, shames that have plagued us most of our lives. As I have said, shame obscures our view of God and self. When I see myself through my shame, I will never see myself as God created me. Essentially, I prevent Him from shining through my life because of erroneous thoughts and concepts. A blanket over My Light.

This is a huge barrier to Christ within me. When I go outside of the realm of God’s definition of my reality, I will enter the shame of defining what I think by how I feel. Yes, shame is the product of not going to God for His definition of our circumstances. Ooooh this can cause such a mess in our lives. God’s defining of my situations leads me to His heart and mind about them, where my thinking apart from God only brings shame.

But here is the glorious part. This is easily resolved. We can simply cast off the woolen blanket of shame, refusing to submit any longer, and let His Life and Light shine forth from us. It is a transformation of the mind and thinking, while leaning on His. As I bury that old shame collecting life of mine, He will be given the place to rise and be His Life through me.

Instead of your shame there shall be a double portion; instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot; therefore in their land they shall possess a double portion; they shall have everlasting joy.
Isaiah 61:7

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    • Celia

      The Lord, sovereignly, not only has me doing this for past incidences, but also current, daily, real time hurts that also echo, identical childhood hurts. I guess I must need a double portion and an adult’s viewpoint to be set free! Some days, I’m walking in green pastures, amazed how far the Lord has brought me, other days, I’m like a cartoon character, a half a step from the ground giving way next to a cliff, and I’m running to make it!

      Thanks for reminding me of the big, eternal, picture, of what is at stake. I choose Christ. I choose Christ. I choose Christ. Lord, help me choose You. Lord,help me choose truth, joy, Your vision of me and no other.

    • Anna

      Thank you again, John, for hearing and sharing.

    • Linda

      John well said. He’s doing this special work in me at the moment. It’s truly amazing what He does. ♥️💜❤️ Thank you for all you share with us.

    • Helen

      There is only One explanation for any of us…GRACE! Out of my shame & triggers, I took on the role of ‘dependable’. The Lie, the guise, is to save others ‘from suffering like we did’, & keep ourselves from pain. (It’s worth seeing in the Word what suffering is met with!) The disorder of a role distorts my view of me, others & God! To present me as the dependable one, in all the ways that can be done…is trying to meet my own needs; & railing at God! A role is ‘giving’ to others what we think we lacked, ever trying to fill the gap we felt. It becomes our ‘reputation’. It is freeing to see how our role actually undermines our receiving all the Lord wants to give, & BE. We don’t see anything without His seeing in us, & seeing opens the eyes of our heart, where He unfolds His ways to us. We are LED to discovery, not off on our own, but drawn to such Love as knows our need took His Blood, our death in His death, His Life as our life; deepest knowing our God. When He opens our eyes, we will see all of Life is as beautiful as HE…

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