Time is for Purpose

Time is for Purpose

Ecclesiastes 3:2 AMP
To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven.

Viktor Frankl was a young Jewish medical student, imprisoned in Auschwitz. By deep searching and observation, he discovered that those who believed there was a meaning to their suffering survived. Those who lost hope in any meaning or ultimate purpose died. So Frankl developed his own meaning beyond Auschwitz. Hem envisioned himself speaking to large crowds about his discovery of meaning. And that vision came true. He became a renowned psychiatrist with a new method of counseling for meaning to all of life. (The book is Man’s Search for Meaning.)

We must have meaning. We exist for a purpose. We do not live unless we have something to live for.

Time is for Purpose

Time is tied to purpose. Time is available and arranged, set up and established for purpose, and ONLY for purpose.

Time exists for the sake of PURPOSE!

In the English dictionary, purpose is defined as: the reason for which something is done or created; a person’s sense or resolve or determination.

But the Hebrew word translated ‘purpose’ has a surprising meaning, different than the serious English words of ‘resolve or determination.’ The root of purpose means to ‘feel great favor toward something,’ also simply ‘delight’ (Strong’s #712b).

Behind the first creative word, “Let there be light” into the vast universe that formed for eons and now exists, is an ordered purpose so huge as to be incomprehensible but so certain as to be glimpsed by anyone who looks. And we specks, we passing whiffs, are set inside this stage to play our miniscule part in the Drama of Time.

Every sparrow that falls, every person that breathes, is created for a purpose in this Gigantic Story. Ours is no small purpose though each of us can be only small. There is a great meaning going on, for those who will live their meaning.

YOUR profound eternal meaning is found in God. Only there. Your purpose will require great and fascinating work – to find it, to live it, to understand it. Our design is entirely individual but also interwoven together with many other lives of purpose. This is an adventure of discovery – to find out who you are and why you are, both reasons are buried treasure in God’s intention. You can find it all, through intense listening and submission – not to a cause or an idea but surrender to the Person Who designed your existence to the smallest dot and fits you into the One Story of time and eternity.

Those who want it the easy road, the broad way, who demand that success earned by others be handed over to them—these will live in depression and hopelessness. The end is futility and fruitlessness and – the opposite of joy – hate. Without meaning we die even if we still breathe.

Time is for Purpose and It’s Bigger than Us

Time is for Purpose
Your existence is not for you or about you. Purpose is something bigger than you, beyond you and requires all of you. Your entire meaning is that you are here for Someone Other than you.

The name of eternal purpose is Jesus Christ. In His order you find Him and your own delight will be…Christ Himself! HE is the purpose, the only meaning and so He is your reason and my reason, the answer to every question about existence.

Colossians 1:16 NASB
All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

As a young believer, all alone with no other Christians, I prayed fervently for one thing: motivation. Instinctively, probably by the Spirit’s inspiration, I knew that the one thing I needed most was motivation. Motivation is the joy of purpose, the power that makes purpose happen. The greatest, most successful work is done only by those who love the work they do.

When I find my purpose, I have meaning. When I give myself to my God-designed purpose, I have joy. Meaning and joy, a life worth living.

The Father’s joy is in His mysterious plan for the Son, and Christ’s joy is to include me in His One Story. As I commit to His will, I have His joy but I also have my own joy…His satisfaction is my satisfaction.

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    • Sam

      Thank you. When you talked of God’s motivation (entering in the motivation He gives us) I remembered Elisha “plowing the field with the last pair of oxen”. Most probably he was chosen of the Spirit because he was “motivated-in-His-life”.


    • sue

      Oh Martha, what a feast……Purpose +ITS BIGGER THAN US. THANk you BLESS you for listening and sharing this awesome motivation to be “in HIS PURPOSE FOR HIS SON” SO GRATEFUL for HIM in YOU.

    • Ricardo Palmira Soto.

      Gran Verdad Es; Jesucristo es mi Propósito, y nada más, leí de la hna, Martha algo sorprendente, No es que quieras, sino que Él te eligió. Gracias hna. Martha, y al hno. Sam. por traducir y a todos por Sulamita, les amamos, desde Puerto Vallarta. Mex.

      • Sam

        What a Great Truth it Is; Jesus Christ is my Purpose, and I just read from sister Martha something astonoshing. It is not that you want it, but He chose you. Thank you Martha and bro. Sam and all of you for Shulamite; we love you from Puerto Vallarta. Mex.

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