The Violent Nature of Love

Fiery Heart

For a long time I thought that hatred was a pretty strong emotion, but I’m now seeing very clearly that God’s Love is so much stronger than hate. His Love is a mighty, destructive force. I know that’s strange to say, but Love comes in and changes everything by its very nature, whether it’s received or rejected.

The Nature of LOVE

The Nature of LOVE
Love is actually the most powerful force that can be wielded in this life. The violent nature of Love is an offensive assault on all that isn’t love. Love is violent, and fierce is Love’s presence. Scripture says, “Love is as strong as death” (Song of Solomon 8:6). Imagine the irresistible force of death…this is what is comparable to love.

Love changes the very temperature of any atmosphere.  Where little despots can fit and fume, Lovers level everything in their path. Everyone caught in Love’s path has pushed out of them a decision and a choice for or against Love. We just can’t remain the same in the presence of Love. In response, we will either dig in our heels to resist Love or we will fall forward into Love’s uncontrollable nature. But what is not possible, is to remain the same.

The Nature of Love in the Word

The Nature of Love in the Word
I’ve witnessed many responses to Love but the results are always the same. One of two things happens: an embracing of Life or descent into death. Look at Ruth and Orpah in the book of Ruth.  Ruth passionately loved Naomi and Naomi’s God. She bound herself to Naomi’s every step in total commitment. And then there’s Orpah, who fades off into Moabite obscurity never to be heard from again.  Orpah leaves Naomi to return to a heathen nation, while Ruth, who fell into Love’s grasp, becomes part of the very lineage of King David and the throne of Jesus Christ.  Her life, radically altered in the hands of Love, gave way to the redemption story of the whole world.

I too have loved and left all for love. I’ve done this both as a vessel to Love and as a recipient of Love’s pursuit. In both cases, Love came to me and obliterated normalcy and the status quo. It isn’t mild! It’s a hostile takeover. Like a tsunami, you’re swept away never to be the same. To carry Love for another is foolish and vulnerable, and to be pursued by Love is to be absorbed and drastically changed. Everything changes in the presence of Love.

Love destroys in order to build. I have to leave something to love. What is it that I leave? SELF! Self, by nature, bolsters to preserve and protect self. Love, on the other hand, assaults self’s construct. To love, I must let down the guard which fortresses my heart. All your prideful shields have to be set aside to experience love and when you do, your story will bring forth the crowning of Love as King.

No matter how much I desire to, I can’t guard myself and receive Love at the same time. To embrace Love is to have both arms open wide, with my heart fully exposed. This unshielded stance is why I am so easily destroyed by Love. I lose myself, and my self-preservation is annihilated. You cannot hold together your rigid system of control and still receive Love.

The Nature of Love Changes Everything

The Nature of Love Changes Everything
Love is destructive, plain and simple. Even if I attempt to fend it off by refusing it, it’ll only force me deeper into my preference of death over Life. Love is an affront to all that resist it, regardless of receptivity. Love is a catalyst to secure and prove my choice for Life or death, both to me and the world.

Love wars on everything, especially on all that isn’t love. Though Love doesn’t resist our choice not to receive it, Love is still an affront to all our choices for death. Love is patient, kind and longsuffering. Love is Christ! Everything changes in the Light of Love. I am taken over or out by Love. Love destroys and is a sword to either separate me to love, or run me through. Love destroys us either way.

So you should earnestly desire the most helpful gifts.
But now let me show you a way of life that is best of all.
1 Corinthians 12:31 NLT

The scripture that follows this is 1 Corinthians 13—LOVE!

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    • Irene

      John, I think this may be one of your best posts! There is so much depth here it takes my breath away. I really like how you capitalized the word “Love” throughout your post. I re-read it, substituting “Christ” for “Love” and entered into worship. The last three sentences are overflowing with revelation.

      • John Enslow

        Irene, you just always get it – in the deepest way! Bless you dearest woman you’re a joy to my heart!

    • Mac Dumcum

      Whoa, Dude, way to say it like it is! Spot on!!

    • Cindy Pollard

      Some people hate love. They love religion, but reject God’s kingdom lovers. They come in volcanic eruptions, but lovers of Jesus forgive. Love is a magnet to those who love Jesus. Love is a dividing line to those who just live for their religious programs.

    • Nathan Scranton

      A very lovely and inspiringly powerful exposition!!

      The portion on the dispersion of self when introduced to Love was eloquent!!

      I very much appreciate the perspective of this piece “The violence (irradiating qualities) of Love.” I believe this to be a shied away from quality of God. Same Fire – different being. We must be purified by fire so we are not consumed by it. Neat and scary stuff, this is no wild fire but the most precise imaginable – able to sever and irradiate sin from the soul.

      I must challenge something. Hate is not opposed to Love. God is Love – God Hates sin. This hatred quality of love directed toward that which opposes it is the violence to which is referred in the title.

      Thank you for your exposing part of your vision of our awesome God!

      Much Love,


      • John Enslow

        Thank you Nathan for your encouragement. I read this just after I reading your comment at Just all to fascinating God’s amazing Love!

        #37 Loving God in Every Situation, Pt. 1
        1 Corinthians 16:14 AMP
        Let everything you do be done in love (true love to God and man as inspired by God’s love for us).

        From Chariot of Fire:

        The universe is not about right versus wrong, nor even good and evil.

        The meaning of the universe, the purpose of the whole creation…is Love. And the assault of its opposition: Hate.

        If you love God in God’s Love for you, Hate follows you to attack – not YOU as a person or even as a believer. ‘Hate’ is moving to destroy your Love for Him.

    • Sandra

      I’m a few days late, but this was a powerful post. Thank you!

    • Anna

      Every time you write I think, this is the most important thing John has ever written! And here I am again! Thank you! Love and blessings!

      • Thank you so much Anna! I love how the Father is guiding and leading in all this! Love you

    • Richard Waters

      The expansion of Love is always in the act of giving; God so loved that He gave His very best. Love isn’t Love until it is given away.

      • Oh what a beautiful statement! Thank you so much Richard. Love you my brother and Judie! You both are treasures!

    • Helen

      Love find us out; an irrefutable power in Holy Desire…we’re melted into Love, or pierced through. Love penetrates, permeates…it’s not a reservoir, it’s a saturation of celebration! It’s fragrance invades self-‘safety’, seclusion, illusion…the illicit affair. Loves hunger paces & pounces & plunders, to capture the heart to it’s Love. A force that will be reckoned with…it cannot be ignored, disputed. Love is the pure language of God. Love invades to conquer; it will not join any charade. Love is pure, it will not adjust itself to a ‘love-lie’, self, acting a part, to keep it’s impotent ‘nice’. Love will inundate, any, how or why…LOVE IS! The One Irresistible force in the universe demands decision, & has the right & integrity to bring us to it…IN LOVE. Love must be true to Himself. Those captured by Love live in that True to God, in Christ. Love lives in full-orbed freedom to go where He goes, do as He pleases…to rejoice over trueness. He gives it. God..Will Be..Who..HE IS..Pure Firey Love. Only His Love is…Enough. “The Mighty Flame of the Lord Most Passionate!” (SOS 8:6, TPT note)

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