The Sovereign Touch of God

The Sovereign Touch of God

“Deep down in our core we know that if God is truly sovereign, then we have to face the truth that things happened to us that hurt us and He didn’t stop them.”




With compassion and grace, John Enslow goes straight to the heart of the matter in his new book, The Sovereign Touch. Do we truly believe that our God is sovereign over ALL? And if so, have we made peace with Him as regards our suffering? Have we met God as GOD and worshiped Him on that ground? The Sovereign Touch tackles these highly fraught questions and more without equivocating.

My Suffering and The Sovereign Touch

My Suffering and The Sovereign Touch
Perhaps the most difficult dealing any born-again believer will undertake is reconciling personal pain with the Father God Who sovereignly allowed it. This is a common – and effective – line of attack by Satan, and too many Christians are reluctant to defend against it in their own lives, let alone the lives of others. It is surprising if not shocking then to read John’s passionate defense of God’s sovereign choices for his life.

“Who is to blame? When I’ve been wounded, I can look for someone to pay for my affliction. Blame, rage, revenge, retaliation – all of these are common human responses. But the spiritual man takes the agony to God. His questioning eventually comes to what the Lord is after rather than why He did it, a yielding rather than demanding. The question of “what” faces God’s sovereignty in a bare-chested receiving of His Lordship in our lives. How do I get free? We will experience true wholeness when we can see our wounds through the lens of His crippling touch to the thigh of our strength – a great gift and not a damaging curse (Genesis 32:25).”



These are the words of a man who has bared his deepest pain to the Father and wrestled out his doubt and hurt until there was just him and his God, heart to Heart. The result of John’s willingness to take his heart and life straight to God – just as Habbakuk, Gideon, David, and so many others did – is a book that brings its reader to see God as Love unparalleled in the most unexpected circumstances.

A Sovereign Touch of Love

The Sovereign Touch doesn’t flinch away from the hard questions, but it is the revelation of God’s huge Heart and intimate engagement with us that turns this read into a profound experience. That John Enslow loves God is never in doubt, but it is his revealing of God’s love for each of us that is the life-changing take-away of The Sovereign Touch.

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