The Silent Character of the Story

The Silent Character of the Story

The Silent Character

A Silent Character
There’s a character in every story that often remains unknown. One that very few attest to and even fewer acknowledge. This witness is never questioned by reporters nor even seen as participating in newsworthy events. Because this contributor is not looking for fanfare from the masses, their participation can go unnoticed. And even while their actual contribution is being ignored, they’re being accused of not being involved. This eyewitness’ presence may even be unnoticed on purpose with the agenda to prove their neglect. But this witness is more than a mere observer; He is our God.

I’ve seen many movies, read many books, and listened to countless current events where God is purposely eliminated. But His absence is impossible! He is OMNIpresent, and more than this, His interaction with His children is amazingly present. It’s unfortunate that many of the best stories are ones we won’t hear this side of eternity.

The Character in Current Events

The Character in Current Events Paris Terror Attacks
While reflecting on the terror attacks in Paris, this all came to mind. I know one fact: He was not absent during those horrific assaults. He was with His people and they hold His story. Even though it doesn’t help political agendas, He was there and active.

He is in every story! I saw a movie about some horrible abuse of women in Ireland by the Catholic Church. It was just heinous! And at the end of watching the movie, I felt destitute. It drained all the hope from my spirit. “Where were you, God?” was my thought. It disturbed me so badly that I had to go research the film and the events. What I found was that there was an agenda by those who were making the movie. They purposely wanted God to be absent and for people to see His neglect. But though the abuse was in fact awful, I don’t believe for one instant that God was not there. There’s a story beyond the story whose telling would be amazing. It just wasn’t brought to light because of bitter hatred against Him.

Now this is not a Pollyanna view of life. I know that tragedy and suffering befalls man, even men and women of God. So I’m not saying that our Heavenly Father sprinkles pixie dust on the world to make it sparkle. But I also know He is incredibly involved in this world.

The Character Isn’t Absent from the Story

The Character Isn't Absent from the story
As terror and evil is on the rise in this world – and it is – know this: our God is not an absentee father. Though His works may not be reported by the media and His miracles are left unknown, He is involved. He is active. He is making History.

By faith—by believing God—we know that the world and the stars—in fact, all things—were made at God’s command; and that they were all made from things that can’t be seen.
Hebrews 11:3 KJV

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    • Sam

      Amen, John.

      I’d like to share something here that probably is good for others to hear.

      Around 15 years ago, the Lord very simply let me know what was coming. I was not specially praying for anything, but in a dream I saw a policeman near the place I live with a shaken face expression, a face of complete helplessnes to protect those he had been trusted to protect, and I received the word of throats being cut in the streets here and there, along with suicidal bombing. All in our own countries, in a kind of “game of chance”. At that time this was not an option. There was a lot of inmigration, but the peril itself was not so evident.

      A few days ago this word was fulfilled in Israel all around. Police could not do anything, and attacks were just unexpected at any place in their streets by “solitary wolves”.

      The other day one of us had this dream: very strong & big arms surrounding the Middle East with unspeakable love, with sweat and body art (tattoo in the skin) in the upper arm portion, like resembling the banners of ISIS/DAESH.

      God is in complete charge, God loves them to the last ounce of His being (for me, the most shocking part of the story), and somehow, I also know these attacks are a kind of judgment on the Western world.

      GOD (not men) will use the spirit of DAESH to accomplish His own will, and His LOVE is ALWAYS available to the last drop of His precious blood for the last and the first of them.

      Love to the Body,

      • Sam

        Today dream was shared with some friends here, and a small correction because I didn’t tell this dream properly. I told the story a bit changed. I don’t know why I understood “body art” when I heard the dream told, but it was not so.

        No “body art”. There were these little black Daesh and yihadist banners, and they were embrazed along with the whole Middle East (islamic) world. In those powerful arms those banners were like little “puff”. Those banners we are so afraid of resembled in these arms like those posters you can find in a public protest in Western countries. Like nothing… 🙂

        Love and sorry for the mistake.

    • Gaby

      I was ever fascinated when reading in the Psalms phrases like this in Ps 96 from verse 12 (NLT):
      ‘Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! Let the trees of the forest sing for joy before the Lord,…’
      WELL, do you know, WHY? ‘…for He is coming! He is coming to judge the earth.’
      Do we get it? All creation “bursts with joy” because of the JUDGMENT of the Lord! Obviously the faith of the fields and the crops and the trees is bigger than ours, as they seem to understand that the judgment of the Lord has the goal of bringing ‘justice’ and ‘truth’ into this world; indestructible divine order, once and forever.
      How grateful I am that there is One behind the scenes and He IS involved. He will speak the last Word. And this last Word will be good!
      He never said it will be easy. He never said we will be spared from suffering. Things ARE simply horrible right now. But He promised to be with us in all this.
      Lk.21:28 (NASB): ‘But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.’

    • Sandy

      I hear you John…
      I have never suffered such evil as those Irish women…
      But as we live here, in one way or another, we suffer the consequences of the evil we, and others, have chosen, don’t we?

      So I can’t stop thinking that God’s “rainbow promise” is linked to this…
      Like you said, He chose to involve Himself…
      If God were to stop evil, wouldn’t He have to destroy us?

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