The Seed of Life

Seed breaking ground

In reviewing my post “The Daily Kiss,” I see so clearly how the world, by its very nature, is made for union.  The intimacy of a kiss is so captivating. A kiss communicates something no words can encapsulate and no other action can convey. To think that the Lord wishes to kiss me makes me swoon.  And to conceive that He can do so through prayer boggles my mind.  I’m not trying to cheapen the nature of a kiss’ presence by saying it’s represented in simple verbal prayer.  As I said, a kiss can communicate something no words can ever convey.

My definition of standing prayer obviously has deeper meaning than sheer words—it’s communion.  It’s as intimate as a kiss, for I am so focused on my Beloved to speak back to Him His very own thoughts.  The Will of God is being sought, yielding my own as irrelevant. I am taking His lead, submitting to His initiation, and am only responding to Him.  Even as much as it may crush my male ego, I’m only responding, not initiating.

This makes me think of a C.S. Lewis quote that goose-steps all over machismo. “God is so masculine, that He makes all of creation seem feminine in comparison.” WOW! God certainly doesn’t shrink from this language. He calls us all, male and female, the Bride of Christ! I believe this is why many females in the Word receive before their male counterparts. Women are designed by God to receive and respond. Men have to die to their role as initiator to receive from their Beloved. It’s the humbling of our dominant nature!

Look for instance at each of the three Marys in scripture, or the Samaritan woman at the well. In the Word, it is often women who lead the way to receiving Christ in His living reality.  This isn’t a mistake, but by design. Starting with Eve, women have been made vessels of reception, not initiation. And in this, they have wonderful instinctual senses. Women are made to receive and conceive, not persuade and procure. This is an advantage, not a put down.  Men have to learn and surrender to what comes, while women are designed to do so.  That doesn’t mean that women always function in this, but it is their blessing when they do.

So here we come to the world. Our world is created for reproduction, gestation, procreation, conception, fertilization, germination… This world is created to receive seed of life. Our Great God made the whole of creation to speak His deep reality. Seeds must germinate, beasts gestate, birds must incubate, and all of creation speaks of the mystery of God, which is to receive the seed of life to bring forth life.

Now, I’ll come full circle back to the kiss at the beginning of the post. I’m here to receive Seed though His initiation. To welcome His Will.  His kiss, in this context, is joining my will with His Will. My agreement is conception of His Life.  Prayer is not about answer-fulfillment but for His Will to be realized.  His kissing of me is from His initiating my receptivity, my yes to His advance. As the Bride of Christ, I am feminine compared to His masculinity.  He displays His desire within all creation—taking in so as to bring forth His Will, His Life, His Seed, His Son!

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    • Sam

      Absolutely John.

      I listened a message some ago that shattered my life at that time, very much in this line. I remembered it vividly while reading you today. He said towards the end of the message:

      “Brothers and sister, arrest my case; and my case is the Lord Jesus Christ. Sisters, be patient with us; please, be patient with us; please, be patient with us… and some day we will be like you, and then together we will be like Him, and then we will be one in Him.”

      It was a message delivered in Atlanta, USA, back in ’94. A book came out of it, but I think the message itself prevails.

      Love you all!

    • Tammy

      So profound.
      Such is a life of being in love with the Beloved.
      I am told it is wrong for me to desire and dream of days uninterrupted spent only in the company of Him, yet this I long for.
      Thank you John for taking us along on your unending honeymoon with the Lover of us all.
      Blessings & Love

    • Irene

      This week, the Spirit has been teaching me from Col. 2:6-7 focussing on receiving and being rooted. Your post today gives me much to ponder dear John. I continue to be amazed at how Jesus prepares His Bride.

    • Sandy

      Intimacy… Union… A kiss… ARE mirrors that reflect our relationship with Christ!! Ones that I would not have easily understood or even accepted a while back… But I thank God that He has delivered me of some of myself to the point where I can say, “Yes brother! This is so! And it is beautiful! He is beautiful!!”

    • Cindy Pollard

      I know why God is HE. Because His Bride is His SHE.

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