The Murder of God

Murderous man

God showed me that every sin, every violence done to anyone… every hatred, every unforgiveness is the murder of God. At the bottom of every madness is such hatred for God as to be willing to kill, abandon, punish, get revenge, etc. How few of us really identify with those at the Cross.

When He showed me this, I wept for a long time at how much He is hated and how much even the best of us, at the bottom of our motive and the depths of our heart, hate Him. (Related Teaching The Great Lie)

If we object to anything in life,
we hate God for it.

And I realized that’s who I deal with and who I’ve dealt with for many years… all of us in humanity who need both to forgive Him and bow to Him. How astonishing it is that He forgave His own murderers AS they were murdering Him.

There is nobody who comes into my life that doesn’t hate God because there’s no other kind of person. We just don’t realize that is the bottom of sin… that we hate Him because He won’t let us be God, and He won’t do as I want and as I say.

We hate Him for being God.

 If you ever get down to that place in you,
it is the depth of His forgiveness and
the place of our absolute freedom.

I saw that the theatre massacre in Colorado (James Holmes Wiki Link) is a picture of the lawlessness that is going to increase to the point that many hearts will grow cold. And I cried out to God to prepare us in such love for Him – and such forgiveness for NOT loving Him – that our hearts will not grow cold when the lawlessness increases. It is increasing and it will.

Lawlessness will increase, not of people who don’t know Him, but of people who do know Him and have met Him. I have grieved over that to the point of sin. I don’t know how much the Lord grieves. He said, “I don’t pray for the world. I pray for those You’ve given me” (John 17).

But I want to be able to let it be – let it all be and let everybody go, to accept the choice of everybody whether or not to follow Him. Because He does! He’s given free choice and if you choose to reject Him, it’s okay with Him.

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