The Gift of Human Need

The Gift of Human Need

I have a quick follow-up to my “Loving Me, Loving You” post, and it’s about the neediness of humanity. Humans are needy creatures, but that was never supposed to be a bad thing. I’ve had Satan’s own twisted view of need for practically my whole life, the belief that need is shameful, even sinful. That view made the reality of my human need an inescapable cloud of shame that followed and hounded me no matter what I did. My need is NOT sinful, but what I do with my need? Well, that’s the trap.

Human Need is Natural

Human Need is Natural
There’s nothing shameful or wrong about needing air, water, food or shelter. These are basic needs. There’s also nothing sinful about needing companionship, comfort, guidance, or an emotional release. These are basic needs, too, but they can be much harder to come by than air or water. Having these needs isn’t sinful, but looking to anyone other than God to fulfill them sure invites trouble.

The only good thing about buying Satan’s lie that need is a shameful, dirty thing is that when I was saved, I began confessing my needs to God. I was asking forgiveness for being needy the same way I asked forgiveness for sin. In my mind, they were one and the same. That was a big “oops!” on Satan’s part and the divine protection of God over me. Because I was wrong, wrong, wrong about how I viewed my need, but I was driven to take it to God ­– and that was the right and safe place to deal with it.

Human Need is a Path to God

Human Need is a Path to God
I wasn’t aware that I needed to be corrected about how I viewed my neediness. I just knew that I couldn’t bear it, so I took it to God. And I kept taking it to Him! Because of that, He was able to correct me and then begin to heal me. It became a habit before I was really aware of anything else. And that has served to establish a true and practical bond with the Lord that I never thought would be possible. Satan intended to so cover me with shame and failure over my normal, natural human need that it would drive a wedge between God and I. But God allowed that twisted view to go uncorrected until it drove me straight into His arms in total desperation.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
John 10:10 NKJV

God didn’t forgive me for my need; He met it. I came to Him and brought Him my need as a sinful thing, a blighted defect of character. In response, He began to show me His heart. He established Himself as my Father in reality, not just as position or title. His companionship obliterated my loneliness, His voice is an immediate comfort, every Word He gives guides me as surely as any compass, and when I weep or shout or laugh or groan, I am not alone in my cathartic release.

He’s given me every reason to bring my needs to Him. And He’s faithful to continually expose every place where I do not. My all-too human need is a gift and a blessing. And the Spirit delights in reminding me of all that I have precisely because I’m a needy child who takes that need to our Father. I bless our beautiful human neediness today!

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    • Sam

      We bless our beautiful human neediness today!

    • sue

      Oh I love gifts, giving them and receiving…….SO, never saw my human neediness as a gift and beautiful. “How beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news” BLESS you lovely gift from the LORD today.

      • Annalie du Toit

        Amen! Bless our High Priest Who has perfect understanding of our human neediness.Thank You Jesus.

        I just feel The Lord’s encouragement for all of us in the scripture of Song of Songs 1:7; “tell me,O you whom my soul loves, where you pasture your flock, where you make it lie down at noon. For why should I be as a veiled one straying beside the flocks of your companions?”

      • Irene


    • Irene

      Wow! I needed this message. Thank you Jennifer for touching an area in my soul which has been long imprisoned by the deceit of the enemy. I am rejoicing in the freedom Jesus has brought me through this revelation. Truly a living impartation for which I am very thankful.

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