Thanksgratitude Day – A Day of Gratitude

i am thankful

I love when this happens!  You know when you’re reading something or having something read to you and the Spirit expands the message as you move through it? Sometimes you literally know where the message is going before it gets there and at other times a complimentary point is being made to the one being read. It’s like the Spirit can’t wait to tell you something, so He blurts out the ending like a little child. Well, this happened to me the other day. Martha was reading to me her Thanksgiving posts and I heard an additional insight.

Now if you haven’t read Martha’s Thanksgiving posts, I recommend them highly.  I was floored by the revelations. They’re each the most unique and insightful Thanksgiving messages I have ever heard.  I became hungry for thanks . . . maybe that is why we have a feast during this holiday?

Gratitude Lost

Gratitude Lost
Anyway, here is what I heard: When we choose independence from God, we become blind to our provision as well as to our Provider. Thanksgiving and gratitude go out the window when we desire to be independent of God.

Wow! Romans 1 speaks about our refusal to acknowledge God as God or give Him thanks.  Then the chapter proceeds with the long list of degradation that humanity suffers as a result. Yes, our resistance to the Lordship of God and the demand to be independent of Him first makes us ungrateful and then debauched.

But the thing that strikes me so hard in this is the blindness.  When we choose independence of God, we become blind to our blessings. It’s like I refuse to see God and then I can’t see what He gives.

Not Having Gratitude

Not Having Gratitude
Being independent of God makes us blind to our provision and our Provider. Independence of God equals no gratitude. I remember oh-too-well the days of self-imposed drought and famine. All I could see was my lack and how my lack affected me.  I was soured with bitterness and was blind to my blessing.  I resisted God’s rule and the story He was writing on my life, and certainly wasn’t grateful.  I was ungrateful for everything and nothing was ever enough.  Though God’s provision was intact as my Father, my enjoyment of Him and His gifts were not known to me. I couldn’t see Him or His amazing care.

Independence made me blind.

Oswald says in his December 9th of My Utmost devotional: “Beware of refusing to go to the funeral of your own independence.” Funeral is an apt word here.  There is a funeral either way, of my independence of God or of ME.  It is death of my joy, life and spirit. Martha said in her Thanksgiving post: “Thanksgiving is life and ingratitude is death.” What a statement!

So as I reflect on this past holiday, I am overwhelmed at the gratitude I experienced.  The day for me was a miracle, a thanksgratitude day. It was not at all typical or traditional, but for me all I could express was my gratitude to God.  I just had joy in Him and the day He set forth for me.

“But I know this: I was blind, and now I can see!”
John 9:25b NLT

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    • Irene

      “For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light do we see light.” Psalm 36:9 AMP. From my reading of Psalms this morning which ties in with your thoughts on our blindness. It is only in Jesus that we can see. He Is The Light. Another excellent post John.

    • Tina

      Yes, and amen! God has cut the bars of iron in two!

    • Susan

      “self-imposed drought and famine” every time we go our own way and do our own thing thinking we know something when we don’t. Good post John.

    • Nancy

      Thank you John for that message, so rightly connected with what Martha shared on giving thanks. Am so learning to continue to give thanks in all things…

    • sue

      OH JOHN, you have well described my wilderness experience of not acknowledging God as God as well as
      not being grateful for my life. I was definitely blind, and ungrateful, hungry, thirsty, pitiable in my walk on
      ‘another path’ that my Abba had not chosen for me. BLESS YOU for your gratitude and sharing as well as
      loving me enough to tell me the truth!!!!!
      LOVE and Appreciation for all the Shulamites.

    • Alex

      Such a timely message. It is easy (for me) to get caught up in the long list of daily stresses that push out and away the memory of His goodness and mercy. I am grateful for the reminder that the Body of Christ also suffers through failings of ingratitude. I am happy to be reminded that He is ever new, ever forgiving, and ever loving us! Thank you, John and Martha, for the gentle reminder to give Him the praise and thanks for all things. Love you.

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