Thanking God for Parents

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Martha has a powerful, 2-CD series called The Healing Power of Giving Thanks.  It seems like such a simple, straightforward thing – and it is – but it’s not about saying “thank you” or having a grateful attitude.  It is an absolute sacrifice of the heart to give God thanks in the places where He’s allowed us to be hurt.  And parents are perfectly positioned to hurt their children because every look, word, and action means a great deal to the child. That is why it can be a challenge thanking God for parents.

It is simple, but not easy, to give thanks for everything!

Ephesians 5:20 HCSB
. . . Giving thanks always for everything to God the Father
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ . . .

The Lord was very stern when He began to show me the depth of my ingratitude. Bitterness had made me the most ungrateful twit in the world.  I believed that God did me wrong, so He owed me.  Therefore, whatever I was given, I was entitled to – and why should I be grateful when I’m only getting what I’m owed?!  And most of my bitter ingratitude had to do with my parents.

Martha has another blockbuster series called Leave Thy Parents.  In it, she’s quite clear that our parents were never going to be good enough for us, because we wanted perfect. We wanted our parents to be God, and they’re human instead.  I found that to be absolutely true of me.  And so I began to thank God for my parents.  I thanked Him for the love and the hugs, and I thanked Him for the discipline and the harshness.

What I found on the other side of this gratitude is that I began to see both God and my parents in a new light.  God was actively engaged in my life and had been from the beginning, I’d just never bothered to look. He wasn’t some imperious deity far removed from me.  He was right here – and He loved me.

I began to see my parents as actual people and not just mom and dad.  They existed outside of their relationships with me.  They each had their own wounds and hopes and disappointments in life.  I guess you could say that I actually started to SEE my parents.

What began as a huge chastening became a precious healing.  It’s impossible to make peace with parents when you don’t see them.  They aren’t pure evil, nor are they perfect saints.  They’re human and messy and wonderful and terrible and funny and sad.  And the more I did the work to thank God for them in everything, the more I saw how perfectly God chose my parents for me.

I don’t have to work very hard to be grateful for my parents today.  They are God’s precious gift to me, and I’m still learning all this gift entails.

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    • Sharon

      Oh Jennifer you are so right. I have learned to love my parents where I could never love them before I learned to see them as human beings and not just as my parents with all the rules and regulations which were the best for me but at the time I Deeply resented them. I am only thankful and grateful to the Lord who is giving me the wisdom to love them and see them for who they really are and I pray for their salvation and I love them very much. In the God kind of love that I could never love them in my own way he has given so much mercy and grace to me and them for forgiveness and repentance and love Thank you for sharing your heart because I love them even more as I read your words. And Lord gets all the glory

    • Sam


    • […] Last week I talked about being brought to an actual SEEING of my parents.  That seeing led me to empathy for my mom and dad, and empathy is absolutely crucial to moving forward in this process.  Without it, there’s no dealing, no healing and no God. […]

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