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Dear ones, friends, brothers and sisters,

Thank you, all of you, who have written or sent messages, commented on the blog or called to convey your heartfelt thoughts and words and prayers.  Your prayers are being answered continually and amazingly, in a place I have never experienced before.  The Lord is so holding and keeping me, us, in the Peace that surely passes all understanding and expression.

Martha’s eulogy and the Tribute to Don’s life over these past weeks is truly a divine gift, a rich heritage that will continue to expand and bear fruit for me, for our family and for many who have listened and read the Testamony of the Lord in Don’s life.  For me, they will remain eternal treasures.  Thank you, Martha, John and Jenn for the loving, real and piercing expressions of your hearts.

Even as I weep and miss Don so much, my heart is filled too with gratitude that he is now fully His and with our God and Father and the Lord Jesus Christ forever, and that one day soon we will all be together again in the Real Life.  I am so grateful and I praise Him for every moment of Don’s life, for our marriage that through the years unfolded into a union girded, molded and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, the fulfillment of a prophecy given two decades ago.  “Perfect” is a word I keep hearing.  It is all perfect in Him, and He continues to make His way perfect.

Thank you for sharing in our sorrow and our celebration of Don’s wonderful life and Homecoming!

Now to Him Who is able to keep you from
stumbling or slipping or falling,
and to present you unblemished, blameless and faultless
before the presence of His glory
in triumphant joy and exultation with
ecstatic delight,
To the one only God, our Savior
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory,
Splendor, majesty, might and dominion, and power and authority
Before all time and now and forever
Unto all the ages of eternity.
Jude 24 – 25  Amplified Bible

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