The Test of Our Days: A Battle

The Test of Our Days: A Battle

I have a question. Is this whole scenario we are living through just the Lord setting us up to see His amazing might and power? Has the Lord made the “impossible” evident so we will turn to Him as our only “Possible?” Is our faith being tested in who we will believe?

I recently posted that we must choose Truth versus reality. Turn on any TV or look on the internet and you will see all the realities being promoted. Every angle is being heralded from the rooftops. And funny enough, that old lukewarm nature we had so long been accustomed too is now annihilated. You can’t even have a common conversation with someone whose views are different than yours without being cancelled. The Lord has made everyone hot or cold, there is now no in between.

Divine TEST

Divine TEST
The Lord loves to show Himself strong. Jesus desires our utter dependence on Him because this is how we were made. It is by design that we have to look to Him. And now we need Him hugely and have to believe in Him solely. This is a day of testing to test our faith in our King.

Need a scriptural example for this? They are endless, literally cover to cover. We witness men at the end of their ability to show that God is ALL. For instance: Gideon’s army whittled down to 300 men to defeat the Midianites. Talk about impossible! Or Moses and the Hebrews pressed up against the edge of the Red Sea while the Egyptians hounded them down to kill them. How about the disciples who just lost their leader to crucifixion, who thought they were possibly next? Or perhaps Paul and Silas in prison, bound in chains, when an Earthquake comes to free them. Each and every encounter with the Sovereign Lord requires trust in Him not self.

Whom Will You Believe

Whom Will You Believe
Well, we are currently facing issues that are beyond our control. Are we not being called to look to the only One who has ALL the power? Does this mean we automatically win? No, God wins and we are set up for greater knowledge of our Savior Jesus. We win because we are putting our faith in the Faithful ONE and this is our test. Who will wee look too?

If you have been walking with the Lord for any length of time, you are witness that He loves to make an entrance. He will be glorified as He moves through the earth. And sometimes Christ’s chooses to shine His bright glory in deep darkness. Is this exactly what we are witnessing? Could this be the test of our faith? Has the stage been set for The Lord’s grand entrance?

What can the righteous accomplish when truth’s pillars are destroyed and law and order collapse? Yet the Eternal One is never shaken—He is still found in His temple of holiness, reigning as Lord and King over all. He is closely watching everything that happens. And with a glance, His eyes examine every heart. For His heavenly rule will prevail over all. He will test both the righteous and the wicked, exposing each heart.
Psalms 11 :3-5 TPT

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    • Anna

      Oh, my goodness! I so needed to be reminded! I’ve just been reading Martha’s book, Altogether Forgiven, beginning yesterday and today on page 133, and embracing the truth that it’s all Him! Yes and amen!

      • Oh isn’t it being tested daily Anna! Will you hate or live in His forgiveness. I need to pick Altogether Forgiven up again, especially right now.

    • Richard Waters

      Maybe this is a test of what and Who we really believe. “I believe, help my unbelief.” Mk. 9:24

      • Absolutely Richard! We need His mercy, so majorly! The scripture is a simple and direct prayer to a merciful God. Bless you man.

    • Sue

      What comfort to be reminded that ” the Eternal ONE (the one Sovereign over all) is never shaken”. I must confess that I can be shaken until I remember. May HIS great LIGHT shine ever brightly in every dark place, dispelling the darkness so that JESUS only is seen!!!!!
      Thank you for these last few posts that stretch and awaken me out of the blindness of the surrounding evil.

      • Almost daily I have to back up and adjust my heart with Him. I have needed this posts so much. It is from my own seeking the Lord in the midst of crisis. Love you Sue.

    • Sandy

      “Don’t look at what is happening! Look at what I am doing!” (These words were super glued to my mind when you shared them, John)
      Yes! Testing is what He is doing!
      Just now, as I was rereading this post, a question blew my mind… Isn’t the test of faith, in the end, a test of love?! 😮
      Since faith is born of love…

      Thank you very much for this post John. ❤

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