His grace has shown me purpose for certain pains in my life, but simple understanding of what God takes us through really doesn’t have power in itself. No, where there’s power is in my yes.
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Our life’s power will always be within our YES to God. This is our way into the Kingdom, a path full of YES’s to God.
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So here is the ease of the Christian life. ALL God’s promises have been fulfilled in the Life of His Son.
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What if we simply, whole-heartedly opened our lives up to God when He poised something to us? It's as easy as YES!
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Who’s in charge of my choice, me or my pout? The sad question of a simpleton perhaps, but that's okay because it broke through the din and stopped me cold.
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A number of times I have weighed certain puzzling relationships on this ground: if we were in a battle, would this person die or flee to save their life?
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There’s no true submission to authority if there’s no actual obedience, so obedience should go without saying. But it doesn’t.
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The fruit of surrender and embracing the Cross is the contentment of Christ, a quiet joy and genuine acceptance and gratitude for the life He’s given.
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A wide-open heart is vulnerable to every harsh word, vile accusation and pointed rejection. It’s a costly thing to love as God loves.
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The Lord told me to receive the prophet, His messenger and the authority He had sent to me. But what does it mean to receive?
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I find myself ever looking for the Light on the countenances of fellow Christians and total strangers alike. I'm ever looking for the Light of Christ Jesus.
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When the Holy Spirit initiates a confrontation, the clash is not between two people; it’s between Reality and unreality.
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