Our life’s power will always be within our YES to God. This is our way into the Kingdom, a path full of YES’s to God.
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So here is the ease of the Christian life. ALL God’s promises have been fulfilled in the Life of His Son.
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What if we simply, whole-heartedly opened our lives up to God when He poised something to us? It's as easy as YES!
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Who’s in charge of my choice, me or my pout? The sad question of a simpleton perhaps, but that's okay because it broke through the din and stopped me cold.
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A number of times I have weighed certain puzzling relationships on this ground: if we were in a battle, would this person die or flee to save their life?
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There’s no true submission to authority if there’s no actual obedience, so obedience should go without saying. But it doesn’t.
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The fruit of surrender and embracing the Cross is the contentment of Christ, a quiet joy and genuine acceptance and gratitude for the life He’s given.
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A wide-open heart is vulnerable to every harsh word, vile accusation and pointed rejection. It’s a costly thing to love as God loves.
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The Lord told me to receive the prophet, His messenger and the authority He had sent to me. But what does it mean to receive?
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I find myself ever looking for the Light on the countenances of fellow Christians and total strangers alike. I'm ever looking for the Light of Christ Jesus.
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When the Holy Spirit initiates a confrontation, the clash is not between two people; it’s between Reality and unreality.
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I didn't just recapture my NO, I found the joy and love in it.
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