Why wouldn’t I ­– couldn’t I – just let go of the deep hurt this person had inflicted? What was hindering me in reaching forgiveness?
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Once you touch the 'high' of fake bliss, you are hooked on experience, and the simplicity of Christ is not enough for you.
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I'm free, through complete forgiveness, ‘to forget my family' and worship only God. My family, whom I so love, are then free to do the same!
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Like Habakkuk, we may know we’re wrong about life and God, but we have to get it all out in truth or we’ve yielded nothing but fantasy and sentiment.
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Anything that stands as an obstacle to my relationship with God can be used as an element of worshipping Him. Who would think that things appearing to be against God could be used to worship Him?
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There’s a temptation of every worship leader who steps on the stage—performance. It's oh-so-natural & unfortunately all too common. A stage makes us perform.
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Recently I was looking for a picture to represent Christ’s exuberant worship of the Father. What I found to visually depict this is amazing.
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There is a very real and daily struggle with the Sovereignty of God, and it can be messy and painful. But that’s not all there is, and it’s needful to remember that.
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The coming of the Son, heralded by heaven as news of joy for all, was obscure and unnoticed on earth, announced to only a chosen few.
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I've struggled with praise for years, feeling most of what Christendom produced was canned, formulaic, and man-centered. It just left me empty.
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I want to bring this point home before I proceed with my story, because this was a pivot in my whole concept of worship and a dynamic turning point in my life.
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Concerning worship for the conference, I was gratefully shored up to see that it isn’t about what is played but Who is directing it. “It’s not what it is, but Who.”
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