To ‘see’ Jesus with a focus of the heart and the eyes of the spirit—that is the hope of being changed and the way of radical connection to His very essence.
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Every word of correction and every place that the Cross comes to kill something out of me is an example of where I’ve been pouring life into death.
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An excruciating spiritual separation. Every step of Christ's crucifixion was physically excruciating, but was His physical pain the true pain He suffered?
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Either Jesus is who He claims to be or He is an utter fraud. Cry Hosanna, because Jesus is all that He promised and HE LIVES! Hosanna for evermore!
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The world has been crucified to me through Christ, and I have been crucified to the world. A reality which has an amazing and divine purpose for us all.
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"Being a good person begins with being a wise person." Justice Antonin Scalia was a wise man labeled a fool by most of the world, and he was unmoved by it.
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Desperation of the flesh is not the "sacrifice" of a broken and contrite heart that God responds to, but it can be a step in the right direction.
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I don't think that there's any spiritual dealing that isn't shot through with our response to the sovereignty of God in that place or moment, even the moon.
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Here is a reminder that I welcome with tears of relief and joy: The weight of the world isn't mine to carry. I am called to shine, not to solve.
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Maybe the people in our lives and circumstances would be more motivated to ask about the God we believe in if we displayed the Love of Jesus?
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We can pray someone into their right mind, giving them complete clarity when they choose, but we cannot override their choice.
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We make at least a hundred decisions every day – and in each of those decisions, we decide either to please ourselves or to please God.
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