Lately I have been going through a deep personal cross in my life. It has been quite a death. And in this death I have felt like I am disconnected from the Lord and forsaken.
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David's secret is that he lived from his own crude heart. His writings prove it. He sought the heart of God because he was himself a man of heart.
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One of the major areas where God has relationship with us is in the working of the cross into our daily lives. It’s finding Him in my daily cross and experiencing His Resurrected Life.
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Does pain mean I'm resisting God? Pain is inevitable. If I’m living life, I'll experience pain. Pain is not the enemy, while suffering is very different.
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Christ as me doesn’t allow me to bypass me in an avoidance of responsibility. Christ’s Life is the Light of exposure that beams upon all that is not Christ in me.
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He’s everything, and He’s worth the long way around.
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If unforgiveness of others keeps me tethered to them, then unforgiveness of myself ensnares just as completely. There must be forgiveness for me, BY me.
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“Do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” How much of my unbelief in Jesus Christ stems from an idolatrous belief born of my own understanding?
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I choose what to believe and WHOM to believe. Every day. That’s what makes it my work to believe, to hold fast to God’s promises when they seem impossible.
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By accompanying my friend in their difficult walk, I learned lots and lots about Who God is and what all of that could mean to us in our own suffering.
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In The Drop Box, God’s love changes diapers and cleans out tracheal tubes and bathes a 26-year-old son who has never walked or even waved his arms.
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When the Lord brings a word of correction, a negative response is only truly dangerous if you don’t know that you’re wrong in having that very response.
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