Whether governmental, religious, familial, pop-cultural, or academic, most of us look to others to be our standard. We often lift them up as heroes, hoping they'll be the standard.
Posted Nov. 4,2021 by | 4 Comments
It is impossible to live in this world without facing corrupt authorities. So does the Bible show us the way to handle this reality, or am I on my own?
Posted Jul. 27,2020 by | 3 Comments
We have cast off the restraints of God, now we're unable to submit to the human authorities. Authority can be a huge finger poke from God’s sovereign reign.
Posted Jul. 13,2020 by | 4 Comments
How am I to maneuver the minefield of delegated authority and obeying God? Only God knows when the authority of man is overreaching or when I must submit.
Posted Apr. 27,2020 by | 11 Comments
In crisis we find out who we are under authority. This is a call to choose this day to seek the King rather than complaining about our rights being violated.
Posted Apr. 2,2020 by | 13 Comments
I am not a victim of my nature. I have the authority to overcome! I've been given this authority must use it because I will answer for my life.
Posted Sep. 27,2016 by | 2 Comments
Authority is the great equalizer in every life, and the ultimate lesson we each are to learn. Authority doesn't have to be right to be authority, because authority is about God first and foremost.
Posted Jun. 30,2016 by | 2 Comments
With riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, Seattle...it's not bad cops gone wild nor a rebellious youth uprising, it's about a different authority we each must face.
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