While living in a consumer culture we can be deceived to think we have everything we need while truly having nothing.
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We are positioned to perfectly witness God’s divine orchestration of our lives so that we might increasingly come to know Him and love Him.
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The one talent servant said, "I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth." I can clearly see how I can run to the world and hide my talents.
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I would think that I at least could define my OWN needs…not so much.We are too close to our need to really know what our actual needs are.
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How am I supposed to respond when I've been wronged, my rights have been violated, and I don't like it. A godly response to injustice!
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Do our greatest blessings arise from the ashes of adversity? Do impatience & frustration just rob us of the joy of trusting in our God who is in all?
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