There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends, but is being a living sacrifice include neglecting myself?
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The difference between where I am this year and where I was last is simple but vast: my hope lies in Christ, not in me. What a merry New Year this will be!
Posted Jan. 2,2017 by | 3 Comments
Jesus lived in the cloud and so should we. We can experience continual victorious Christianity by living in the cloud. This is the mystery of the Gospel!
Posted Aug. 19,2016 by | 3 Comments
I have learned a secret, one open and available to every child of God. But you must really need this powerful, transforming secret before you see it.
Posted Jul. 25,2016 by | 7 Comments
In Christ there is no hurry. His Life is more than sufficient to perform, and time unwinds at His determination. But do I live like I truly believe that?
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Last week, as I pulled up to a bank's night depository, a man screamed out of his car window, "They're closed, you #%^* idiot!"
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I figured surrendering would be a relatively easy thing to do. After all, you just have to relinquish your rights and that’s it, right?
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Recently, the Lord showed me what an integral part surrender plays in the equation of obedience, and ultimately, my capacity to love.
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