Thanking God in everything is to thank Him in hardship. Why, for what reason am I to give thanks to God in literally everything? The answer might shock you!
Posted May. 29,2017 by | 10 Comments
By accompanying my friend in their difficult walk, I learned lots and lots about Who God is and what all of that could mean to us in our own suffering.
Posted Jan. 6,2017 by | 3 Comments
Today He is asking me to enter in, to be racked by, the force of a world being ripped apart at the seams to birth Christ. It's the fellowship of His suffering.
Posted Jul. 12,2016 by | 3 Comments
This hopelessness is insupportable within the Life of Christ, and it’s a quagmire from which we need to be rescued.
Posted Feb. 26,2015 by | 7 Comments
This gift is one you can give God in the worst moments of your life, in the lowest point and deepest suffering.
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