God makes me uncomfortable to get my attention, but the only path to His solution is my being quiet.
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I think that sooner or later, everyone has a Solitary Man moment, where they say "Enough!" And not only is this healthy, it’s vital to fellowship with God.
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If the gift of knowing is given to disciples, then expecting an unbeliever to comprehend the deeper Mystery of God is not only ridiculous but cruel as well.
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Did you know that silence between two people has depth and texture?
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How much of my unbelief grew in the fertile ground of hidden fears?
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I've gorged myself on “noise” and never really thought twice about it.
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I was seeking elements of the life thinking it would bring me to Him, but no, Life had to come and get me.
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I believed I had to still myself for prayer and worked feverishly to wrestle my mind down. I thought my only way of accessing God in true intimacy was in creating a silence.
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The pressure in the psyche/ego is to use words in order to prove you exist. Talk, talk, talk . . . “Won’t someone hear me?”
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