Do I follow the leading of the Spirit when I speak or is goodness my motivation? How precious & meaningful every syllable would be if only the Spirit spoke.
Posted Jun. 17,2019 by | 19 Comments
The source of most of our stress, if not all of it, is our opinions and judgments, but once I looked at God, He rushed in to extinguish my opinionated fire.
Posted Oct. 1,2018 by | 10 Comments
We were never intended to dwell outside of Peace. So recently I turned off my endless drone of news and chatter. I found that it was disturbing the peace in my life.
Posted Jul. 16,2018 by | 3 Comments
Silence highlights the true nature of the words coming out of my mouth. When my mind is quiet, it’s easy to hear whether my words build or destroy.
Posted Oct. 13,2016 by | % Comment
Silence is healing for the heart and mind. It is rest and restoration for the senses and the spirit. And our God is in the silence we so desperately need.
Posted Oct. 11,2016 by | 16 Comments
When crisis hits and the wind blows and whirls, will I be tossed in the tempest or anchored to my Rock? It isn't easy to wait quietly for God to deliver me.
Posted Jul. 6,2016 by | 5 Comments
Any time I come out of my quiet life into the bubbling whirl of people, I need silence in the aftermath to seek God's face and restore my spirit.
Posted Nov. 30,2015 by | 6 Comments
There is a silence born of the Holy Spirit’s taming of the tongue, and a silence born of control and calculation and delusion. Only one silence is Life.
Posted Aug. 12,2015 by | 5 Comments
Sins that are unconquerable may be tied to a reckless tongue. We can conquer nothing of the flesh until we yield utterly the right to say what we wish.
Posted Aug. 3,2015 by | 16 Comments
There are worse things than living bewildered, and the worst is missing out on God's singular wisdom for a person or situation because I won't wait to hear.
Posted Jul. 13,2015 by | 5 Comments
God makes me uncomfortable to get my attention, but the only path to His solution is my being quiet.
Posted Apr. 21,2015 by | 6 Comments
I think that sooner or later, everyone has a Solitary Man moment, where they say "Enough!" And not only is this healthy, it’s vital to fellowship with God.
Posted Mar. 20,2015 by | 3 Comments