There is one journey, one encounter, and one history for every Christian. And it is gathered into Psalm 23, simple and brief, yet barely understandable.
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One of the scary realities of being utterly dependent is just how dependent "utterly" actually is. The Lord makes us absolutely dependent.
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When I wring my hands in worry, I signal to all in my world that God is not good.
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Authority is one of the tools God uses to shepherd us.
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We need limits and boundaries, we thrive within them and perish without them.
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I’m kind of a jerk these days.
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Why am I doing this again???? It’s to see the sunrise, stupid!” The sunrise is breathtaking over the moonscape where God chose to give His Law.
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I am ever approaching this life as doctrinal, and He is ever crooking me back into relationship with Himself.
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Fear is a tremendous motivator and addicting to my Adamic nature. I love to know and hear right and wrong and I will pay for the privilege to hear it discussed.
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