You know, just the smallest drop of Christ’s Life is enough to send ripples across the whole landscape. And where those waves go is out of our purview.
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Why are you listening to another’s voice? The other day I listen to the many voices with their own agendas rather than God who is THE agenda. It didn't work out to well!
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We as a species repeatedly rub our faces against the wall of our wants as opposed to just receiving our needs from God. You can’t always get what you want!
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Love of the world is not only found in brothels and bars. When the world distracts our eyes and directs our focus, we have love of the world.
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How many times do I make snap judgments about people? Do I care who the person really is? Do I display the general Shepherd aspect of Christ's character?
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Rudi is a living parable sent from the Father, 
a lesson in which 
His heart was clearly visible and made known to me through a shepherd and a baby goat.
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I never knew how Paul could rejoice after the Lord refused to remove the ‘thorn in his side,’ but I’m beginning to. There really is joy in being tested!
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To believe in Jesus is the work He asks me to do; He takes care of the rest, including the impudent faith I need when I'm asking God for something.
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Beauty and Buddy are part of my salvation story, because they were part of how the Lord broke open my heart and gave me eyes to see a life beyond my own.
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If we’re being shepherded by our God through listening and following the Spirit, that is evidenced in our having peace.
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At the end of the two surgeries and weeks of healing, there was just me and a finger that felt like Frankenstein.
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It's one thing to believe the Shepherd, knowing Psalm 23 is true. It's quite another to experience all of it, every verse, as His present, personal reality!
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