Shame is us running away from LOVE. While Love covers a multitude of sins, shame uncovers us and leaves us naked.
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For years of my Christian life I carried shame like a cloak and it hid my light under a bushel.  Not only did it obscured my view of myself in Christ but it also colored others view of me.
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Shame skews our vision of reality but the Spirit of God can walk us out of it. The process is to receive His mind and thoughts about ALL things.
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There is a shame that comes from trying to be like God without God. We become ashamed, and rightly so, when we attempt to be like God, without God.
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I am not lifting up shame, triggers or dysfunction as a virtue in themselves and certainly not holy, but do our triggers and dysfunction have no purpose? Not so much!
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When we become triggered with shame, as we will, we are often emotionally capsized. Being triggered makes us look for a lifesaver. Too often this lifesaver is to revert to old patterns and habits.
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Our shame attaches itself to our triggers and colors our world. We're laying down our triggers and shame, which prevent us from seeing the Glory of Christ in us.
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Believing shame over God is to prevent being who He’s created me to be. Rather than seeking God on this matter, I defined it through shame.
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Reading has always been a weakness of mine. It has caused me huge shame, and it’s funny coming from one who is now an author.
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Shame is the destructive result of thinking apart from God. Going outside of the realm of God’s definition of my reality is to enter shame.
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I would like to share with you a personal shame that I think personifies the struggle, the lie and the damage.
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I never knew this, but as I was speaking to a brother the other day and this phrase fell out of my mouth: our shame grieves the Holy Spirit.
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