Whichever way you choose, God supports. It's amazing how much the prodigal's father supported his son's choice. He enabled him to go and held back nothing!
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An excruciating spiritual separation. Every step of Christ's crucifixion was physically excruciating, but was His physical pain the true pain He suffered?
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I'm free, through complete forgiveness, ‘to forget my family' and worship only God. My family, whom I so love, are then free to do the same!
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No one is beyond God. No one is beyond the touch of His Spirit. Though it takes every minute of an entire life save one, while there’s life, there’s hope!
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I think that sooner or later, everyone has a Solitary Man moment, where they say "Enough!" And not only is this healthy, it’s vital to fellowship with God.
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If Truth is Jesus Christ, and Jesus is the Prince of Peace, is Truth always a sword?
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When Jesus comes, there enters a perfect glory that is at once redemptive and destructive.
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A bombardment of lies about God mixed with truth about me is incredibly compelling warfare.
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The United States was founded on the successful rebellion against tyranny, and we treasure our rights as God-given. But are they?
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Most of us don’t take risks when it comes to meeting people.
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God doesn’t leave us hating our parents; that’s not His goal.
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My solitude is love, not loneliness.
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