Being the beneficiary of spiritual sight was equal parts fascinating and terrifying for me, but under the eyes of Jesus, my whole world changed.
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When I attempt to reason out a response to someone or some situation, I fall prey to the paradox that only the Holy Spirit can dance through.
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The gift of time, a clean slate day-by-day or even moment-by-moment, is a love deeper and more powerful than mere affection. This is forgiveness weaponized.
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The Truth is Jesus Christ and He’s in the heavens, but He’s also in the dirt. Fully human, fully divine—the Truth is as much a paradox as Jesus.
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To thine own self be true. I’m seeing two areas of “being true” we have to have: knowing who we are in our natural self & knowing who we are in Christ.
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The heart cannot stay contained. What is in it will soon spill out, and God alone can bear the full truth of a human heart.
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There’s no true submission to authority if there’s no actual obedience, so obedience should go without saying. But it doesn’t.
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Because of free will, we can refuse the lavish outpouring of Love and grace, even though it’s the very thing we most desperately need.
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I don’t know much yet about being a disciple, but I know this: if the Spirit hasn’t worked it out in my own singular journey, then it isn’t real for me.
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Every instance of genuine repentance in my life has been born of seeing myself as I truly am. And often that means choosing to see myself as others see me.
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The Lord told me to receive the prophet, His messenger and the authority He had sent to me. But what does it mean to receive?
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Deliverance from sinful behavior & the demons associated with sin is one thing, but complete liberation by surrendering our WILL results in true deliverance from self!
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