While many in the church are hoping for the next great revival, much of this will rely on our repentance for not chosing God and His Kingdom in the past.
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Only through repentance can we pave the way for revival. And in the same measure, the greater our repentance, the greater will be the Spirit’s outpouring.
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The bright Light of Christ isn’t a soft, cosmetic glow intended to warm the corpse-like pallor of humanity. It is our means of dying into LIFE.
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Repentance enters the redemption that Christ sowed with the seed of His Life-Blood and we gain the unearned liberty of suffering none of our consequences.
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The Prodigal’s waste is inexcusable. Then and now. What parent could just dismiss such sin and betrayal? What father could instantly trust such a child?
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When you sit down with God, it’s a good idea to ask Him to remove any hindrance that might be between the two of you.
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I feel like I went from a Technicolor world to black-and-white.
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I always forget that sin fights back, but God knows.
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