Christ Himself never fought against the world’s system. Jesus fought FOR, not against. His motive was zeal not opposition.
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This is the time of year when we’re told that there’s nothing worse than being alone. Well, that’s just not true.
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As I look at the humiliation of my story, I see it a little differently now. I look at it with such gratitude. How horrible it would be to not know your need for a Savior!
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The Light is bringing me to an acceptance and love for humanity that is, frankly, not natural to humanity at all.
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The Light is very bright in His Body, much brighter than most people are willing to bear.
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There is no blueprint, or method, or formula that the Spirit adheres to every time.
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With tears and nakedness, they came strongly proclaiming God’s passion as friends of the Bridegroom.
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My concern is for the prophet who prophesies in personal wrath and judgment, then signs God's name on their words.
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The Lord allowed me to experience the full measure of a tormenting tongue to illuminate the plank in my eye even more clearly.
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Battles are raged to the wind, and the fight takes our breath but leaves our souls and spirits vanquished.
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Am I relating to people in my life through the Old Covenant, or the New?
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Like Nicodemus, Jesus confronted me. He sent one of His own, who saw through my lies and challenged and assaulted my “faith.” In His mercy, He exposed and began to tear down and destroy the foundation of deception I had built.
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