The kundalini spirit is a spirit of deception that leads people away from the Holy Spirit and the true move of God into the lie of demonic experiences.
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To lend our ear to the accuser is listening to Satan’s words by leaving the Lord’s voice. If he can surround us with evil people spitting at us, and get us to spit in return, he wins.
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The legalist is always looking for a loophole. A legalist always wants to enforce the law on others while finding the loophole for themselves.
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Yesterday’s slaughter is not the first of its kind nor the last. What is the one thing that a dumb sheep in total weakness can do in the face of that truth?
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God asked me to watch the movie Spotlight, to bear witness to a very great evil. Why? The endgame of idolatry has no clearer illustration than this one.
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I realize that I have all too often equated respect with being nice. And that’s a dangerously wrong presumption. Respect isn't always nice.
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Once you touch the 'high' of fake bliss, you are hooked on experience, and the simplicity of Christ is not enough for you.
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The temptation to argue is sent by Satan again and again and again, because it’s awfully successful. Our pride can justify it a thousand ways.
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There’s a temptation of every worship leader who steps on the stage—performance. It's oh-so-natural & unfortunately all too common. A stage makes us perform.
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Fawning is so repulsive because fawning affection is a lie. When someone’s stumbling over themselves to convince you of the ardent nature of their love, watch out!
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In addition to bolstering pride and vanity, flattery encourages us to avoid affliction, and there's nothing Godly or Scriptural about that.
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The one unmistakable characteristic of false prophets throughout history is flattery. And the one characteristic of true prophets? Rebuke.
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