Not relegating ourselves to the Will of God will leave us paupers. To grasp for more will making us unable to actually receive what He wants to give.
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Are you happy? I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness! Too often people approach being happy as if it's the highest of achievements.
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As wicked as it might seem, I once believed that my fear was a valid excuse for disobedience if that's what I needed to do to stay safe.
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The Place of Immunity: How can we be impervious to the soulish prayers and influence of others. Does functioning from the soul expose me to others’ soulish behavior?
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With riots in Ferguson, Baltimore,'s not bad cops gone wild nor a rebellious youth uprising, it's about a different authority we each must face.
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The world celebrates everything common & calls it purpose. It's presenting darkness with no Light, as if darkness was enlightenment. But we can choose to live with purpose.
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When we believe that an authority has wronged us, especially one placed there by God, God is the one we blame.
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There are protocols in a civilized culture. These are standards upheld which are relied on and seen as sure and true.
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What if the prodigal son refused to let his father embrace him and acknowledge him and honor him?
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We are not just born with the capacity to believe in God, we are also born to understand and KNOW that God is GOD.
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God came and confronted my bitterness with an ultimatum: “You are either going to live for Me, or I am going to take you out!”
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I have taken an oil painting class for over 3 years, and though classic training has been the purpose, another thing has emerged as a lesson. It's something deeply spiritual.
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