Cancel culture is real and it is in all of our faces. And not only does it seek to silence the’s ultimate goal is to destroy dissenters.
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Not relegating ourselves to the Will of God will leave us paupers. To grasp for more makes us unable to actually receive what He wants to give.
Posted Feb. 11,2021 by | 5 Comments
How are believers supposed to react in this social /political climate? Call fire down to stop evil leaders & depraved citizens from destroying our country?
Posted Jul. 9,2020 by | 4 Comments
If I make my fear a Custer’s Last Stand of anxiety against God, then yes, I’m setting myself up for the inevitable fall. It reveals my bitterness with Him.
Posted Jan. 1,2018 by | 10 Comments
There's an onslaught against my life begs me to source my energy in hate and discord, rather than love. Love is the Source of Life & hatred is the fuel for the devil.
Posted Apr. 20,2017 by | 3 Comments
Witches pledged to cast a spell until Trump is no longer president. You can’t curse authority and not reap disastrous consequences of the cursing.
Posted Feb. 27,2017 by | 13 Comments
The princess mentality encourages the very worst in women: entitlement, indulgence, and superiority. It is the epitome of privilege without purpose.
Posted Dec. 14,2016 by | 2 Comments
We think of love as weakness. You are vulnerable when you love and a target for hurt. Even so… Love is power, the greatest power in the universe.
Posted Sep. 16,2016 by | 3 Comments
Christ was crowned with the thorns and thistles of my own rebellion. But there's a solution to the harvesting in painful toil and struggling with thorns and thistles.
Posted Sep. 9,2016 by | 2 Comments
I've seen the truth about my rebellion against God and authority. Without authority, I get death! But under authority, the heavens are opened for me.
Posted Aug. 31,2016 by | 7 Comments
Am I a giver or taker? This is not a question that is fun to consider, because the answer is found in God’s view of my life, not my personal assessment.
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Consequences that are personal can also become national. I believe that we are witnessing the effects of generational curses (Romans 1) writ large.
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