Could this era of anarchy, hatred, and rebellion simply be the foundation for the revival for which we have been praying?
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God has a purpose in bringing hateful people into our lives and it's not to harbor offenses in hatred and unforgiveness. We are to witness love.
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The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most famous passage of scripture after John 3:16. But I too often mistake memorization with knowing – or even mastery.
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Is there as conspiracy to silence our prayers? I believe there is a creative force that is carried forth by our audible words in prayer. This is proclamation prayer!
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Not a day goes by that the Spirit hasn’t convicted me of the faith I have in sense and reason. Recent events in Charlotte brought it to the fore again.
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I wonder what this “petty” war of malfunctioning technology looks like in the heavens. Is there an angel pinned down with a solution somewhere up there?
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It’s easy to go through this world bracing for impact. But I’m supposed to be more like a sandbar than a retaining wall bracing for impact.
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Christians have the victory, His name is Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is the power, the incentive, the source of prayer…because prayer has to come from Above.
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Precious children of God are being persecuted, slaughtered and brutalized as never before in history. Our Family in Christ is in desperate need of prayer!
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An insistent pursuit is not a common position for even the average believer. Many slink towards God with hopes that He might possibly answer.
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The centurion knew where his answer would be found and with great faith entreated Jesus for His Answer. Faith powers our insistence, not our desire or will or desperation.
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Jesus commended the Canaanite woman for her faith ­– not her prayer, not her will, not her volume, but her faith. She connected faith to her desperation and shameless persistence and Jesus answered.
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