God doesn’t put a premium on painless living. If this is one of my highest values, then I will be in direct opposition to Him.
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Does pain mean I'm resisting God? Pain is inevitable. If I’m living life, I'll experience pain. Pain is not the enemy, while suffering is very different.
Posted Apr. 15,2019 by | 16 Comments
When life hurts us, there's a temptation to make a pact with the devil to survive it. This play for power over the pain in our lives is deadly and devastating.
Posted Apr. 8,2019 by | 4 Comments
Hopelessness is insupportable within the Life of Christ, and it’s a quagmire from which we need to be rescued.
Posted Mar. 7,2019 by | 11 Comments
There's a difference between pain and suffering for someone who’s born again. Suffering is usually the result of my resistance, while pain is a mark of change.
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If God allowed pain in my life, then how am I to trust Him now? God is moved by our pains but He is unmoved by our demands to be God over them.
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Life events make up my story—the good, the bad & the ugly. Life can be painful, we were never promised a pain-free existence but avoidance of pain makes more.
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A special intimacy is offered to the one who's willing to carry Christ’s burdens with Him. His gift of suffering is to fellowship with Him in His sufferings.
Posted Mar. 19,2015 by | 17 Comments
The Bible speaks of the sufferings of Christ but there’s a BIG difference between my personal human suffering born out of my resistance to God's will & the sufferings of Christ.
Posted Mar. 17,2015 by | 6 Comments
There is a blessing in nonresistance. Everywhere in my life that I've resisted, it’s ended in my torment.
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