The princess mentality encourages the very worst in women: entitlement, indulgence, and superiority. It is the epitome of privilege without purpose.
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We can flinch mentally and emotionally as well as physically, and what the Holy Spirit showed me is that flinching is a hardening of the heart.
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What if we rejoice not just because we share Christ’s sufferings but also because the enemy just revealed himself? It's a joy to have targets for prayer!
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Silence highlights the true nature of the words coming out of my mouth. When my mind is quiet, it’s easy to hear whether my words build or destroy.
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Love of the world is not only found in brothels and bars. When the world distracts our eyes and directs our focus, we have love of the world.
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Fear has struck and will strike us all. But when fear strikes, we don’t have to stay stricken. We belong to Jesus Christ and HE rules, not fear.
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Being utterly known by Jesus isn’t just an idea. He knows me, knows my wounds, and He moved to save me from a situation that would have gutted me badly.
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Unbelief is my Achilles' heel. The reality is this: I have the authority and I can use it. No matter what the circumstance looks like, my struggle is a lie.
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I am not a victim of my nature. I have the authority to overcome! I've been given this authority must use it because I will answer for my life.
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Not a day goes by that the Spirit hasn’t convicted me of the faith I have in sense and reason. Recent events in Charlotte brought it to the fore again.
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Christ was crowned with the thorns and thistles of my own rebellion. But there's a solution to the harvesting in painful toil and struggling with thorns and thistles.
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I wonder what this “petty” war of malfunctioning technology looks like in the heavens. Is there an angel pinned down with a solution somewhere up there?
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