Batter my heart three-personed God, for I'm lost unless You ravage me! You must quell my passions and bend me—yes, even bruise me. I will be yours!
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Faith is to live listening to His voice in every moment of my life. It's like I'm to live with my ear against Jesus' chest, so I can hear His very heart about my life.
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God has given ME to myself for a purpose. We all go to bed and rise every day with the GIFT of our self. So am I to be my own best friend? I believe so!
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The earth is filled with notes of love from God. He has placed them all around us; His deepest longing in events and tangibles.
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I used to have a hard time loving the lonely in a way that was godly, but now it’s easier. God taught me how to love the lonely with His love, not mine.
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We can flinch mentally and emotionally as well as physically, and what the Holy Spirit showed me is that flinching is a hardening of the heart.
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In the midst of the Christmas hustle and bustle, small gestures carry great weight when it comes to the missive: “Let all that you do be done with love.”
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The path to royalty is narrow and hard, and few are willing to give when they can take. Yet we can and do meet royalty in unexpected places and people.
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Though we are to give thanks to God in everything, we are not called to REJOICE over everything. No, instead we are called to rejoice IN THE LORD always.
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“Diffusing my soul with joy.” If the presence of the Lord diffuses your soul with joy then you don't just love Him, you’re in love with Him.
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Dealing honestly with fear is human and not blasphemous. But a fearmonger doesn’t acknowledge the sovereignty of God; his god is fear and that is blasphemy.
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Everywhere I turn, there’s a new call to rejoice or a deeper purpose of joy revealed. The many meanings of joy are changing how I view God and the world.
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