I had been exerting such grim effort to relax and gaze and then the Spirit comes lightly inside a task where I was exerting no effort at all, just living.
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“Do you know God? Well then hello brother!” Wouldn’t it be great to live every day more receiving than reserved?
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All Creation has a lesson to teach us. Come read how the Creation Story is reflected in our personal lives and hear the vital call it has for us all.
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For decades I went through this world looking for the approval of man: seeking awareness, affirmation and affection. But God Punched the Care Out of Me!
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Trauma and abuse can negatively affect our physical bodies. Our body can literally be like a scorecard keeping a record of life’s events, telling our story.
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The fruit of surrender and embracing the Cross is the contentment of Christ, a quiet joy and genuine acceptance and gratitude for the life He’s given.
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You will have people leave you for all sorts of reasons. Some prefer the world. Some prefer their demons. Some would rather keep their life than lose it.
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To weep with those who weep is to partake of their pain and be helpless to alleviate it. That helplessness can be maddening.
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Jeremiah is a wonderful picture of what God wants us to do with our pain, frustration, doubt and anger.
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There is a blessing in nonresistance. Everywhere in my life that I've resisted, it’s ended in my torment.
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I can wander from His sovereignty when I look at what is before me, but He only lets me wander so far.
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It's one thing to believe the Shepherd, knowing Psalm 23 is true. It's quite another to experience all of it, every verse, as His present, personal reality!
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